Characteristics and significance of the name Elsa

value named Elsa is almost identical to the name of Elizabeth, which has roots in the Hebrew language and translates as "honor God."Various modified forms of this name (Elizabeth, Isabelle, Eliza, etc.) have other translations: "The Swan" and "noble maiden."Many of the queen and the princess once wore this sonorous name.

What is the name Elsa?

girl who bears the name of Elsa, has an inexhaustible supply of energy, the natural aura of authoritativeness and unwavering power of persuasion.The independence and the desire to dominate - these are the main features that characterize that person.By protecting its secrets, Elsa tend to keep a distance between themselves and other people.Only a few close friends know all about her experiences, but this does not affect its ability to easily make new acquaintances.The value of the name Elsa implies certain duality of desire that woman.It utmost to prove to the world what it's worth, and get a well-deserved praise and adoration, is having a great desire to escape from the outside world and its noise to rest in silence and to reflect on the meaning of life and recharge your batteries for the new cast.Elsa is endowed with remarkable intelligence and far-sightedness, she realizes that life - not a game.Perhaps that is why work is the basis for its existence, because it allows her to show their best qualities and self-esteem.Elsa has a large reserve of patience and perseverance, but sometimes it lacks the independence to take any decisions.Find your place under the sun, Elsa would not allow to take it away.The value of the name Elsa gives human qualities such as loyalty, honesty, openness and sincerity.She also has a keen sense of justice, although it is sometimes fanatical when it comes to its principles.Little Elsa - wise beyond his years and responsible child.At this time she is very attached to his family, because only there can get the support that it is so necessary for the formation of character.Elsa lifetime will strive for success and respect, but her inner demons can prevent it in the implementation of their own ambitions and dreams.

Other traits

Elsa loves elegance and beauty, so it feeds a certain tendency to various types of art.Because of the strong sense of justice, it is easy to come into a rage when faced with dishonesty and meanness.For my personal life, Elsa is all seriousness, though reality does not always coincide with her wishes.The value of the name Elsa gives her the bearer of the excessive selectivity and tendency to idealize everything.It "only" have to be good-looking, tall, well-read and respected.He should accept it as an equal.But even when Elsa meet a man, she would never be completely satisfied with it.Although the concept of "divorce" is beyond her imaginary microcosm, Elsa and go that step if its disappointment in a partner is too strong.