" Military Mortgage " : the conditions for obtaining a number of banks .Terms of Sberbank and VTB on " Military Mortgage"

Making a loan secured by a mortgage of property is called.It is used for the purchase of houses or apartments, and the property is purchased as collateral, as a guarantee of a refund, but the buyer has the right to use it.One type of such lending is "Military Mortgage".Terms and conditions different from its usual programs provided for the purchase of housing.

story of

Since 2005, the law came into force, which establishes the possibility to use all military accumulative mortgage system (NIS).At the same time of obtaining housing can begin to speak after three years of participation in the relevant programs.Acting this way of crediting the purchase of housing soldiers began only in 2009.

principle it is the following.The soldier, who for three years, is a member of the funded programs can acquire ownership of housing.At the same time to his personal account funds are transferred, which can be spent on the purchase of real estate.This program was created specifically for the military, because their work involves long-term cooperation.

who can purchase a house

Before we deal with the mechanism of the loan, you need to understand who can participate in the program where you can buy a home for the described scheme.The law applies to absolutely all the military who are working under the Ministry or federal services.These include not only the Ministry of Defense and the Interior, the participants may be those who are subordinate to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Spetsstroy Russia, the FSB, FSO, Rosoboronzakaz, the General Directorate of the President of the special programs and a number of other government departments.

participation in the savings and mortgage system may be either mandatory or voluntary.Under its terms, includes all officers who had their first contracts entered into service since 2005, all warrant officers and non-commissioned officers who have served a total of more than three years, counting from the beginning of the same period.

also mandatory in the program get those employees who have been promoted to the position for which a rank of the officer, and those who have completed the appropriate courses and after 2008 received the rank of officer.

voluntarily participate in the mortgage program can everyone who finished military schools and has signed a contract until the beginning of 2005.Also, the scope of this system fall ensigns, warrant officers, sergeants and petty officers.

How does

Many are afraid to participate in such accumulation funds, fearing left without money and without housing, with all forget that this government "Military Mortgage".Terms her as follows: State mortgage program to all participants to a dedicated personal account of the federal budget lists the prescribed amount.All received money through reliable and proven funding instruments multiplied.The allocated budget amount indexed annually.For example, if in 2012 the annual state contribution of 205 200, in 2013 it increased to 220 000 rubles.

Purchasing property

order to buy their own residential real estate at the expense of the budget, military personnel need to be a member of the NIS, and the missing part of the money in the banks to issue a partner of this program.In the rest of the conventional housing loans is not very different "Military Mortgage".Terms of money, however, more loyal, because they guarantee the return of the state.

standard interest rate of the loan depends on the primary or secondary market, purchased property, it varies from 9.75 to 11.25% per annum.At the same time to buy a home you need to make at least 10% of its value.Also stipulated term of the loan and he is available for a period of at least three years, with a maximum term of his set, based on the fact that at the time of full payment of the debtor should be filled no more than 45 years.

also need to be prepared that the military will be required to pay all costs associated with your purchase housing, in order to have given the "Military Mortgage".Terms her stipulate that the borrower himself is spent on insurance law related services, property assessment and its state registration.

Financial institutions Banks, by which develops "Military Mortgage", the conditions for obtaining this loan did not significantly change.But each of them has its own peculiarities and nuances.With this program collaborate five banks: Gazprombank, Sviaz-Bank, Zenit Bank, VTB 24, Sberbank of Russia.In addition, 30% of all transactions passing through agencies involved in residential mortgage lending.

When choosing a financial institution every soldier has the right to know the conditions of the loan in each of them.But it does not have to bypass all the banks to remember or record the requirements of each of them.The site of association of military personnel federation UNIS can find not only a list of banks, but the conditions relating to the size of the insurance, additional fees, commissions and other types of loans.

Terms of Sberbank of Russia

If a soldier involved in the savings and mortgage system and decided to buy a house on credit, then he needs to read the terms of various banks, including the fact that Sberbank offers."Military Mortgage", which can meet the conditions of the borrower, this financial institution is granted only to participants NIS.The bank requires the client to confirm the intended use of the funds provided are not only buying a house as collateral, but also surety provided by the spouse (a), has issued a compulsory insurance.The bank offers housing loan at 10.5%, the maximum term of registration is less than 20 years.It is worth noting that the interest rate will be interested in the borrower only if he is dismissed from service.While he was the number of troops, the government pays the loan.

Getting a loan at the bank VTB 24

among soldiers is popular not only Sberbank.Many are interested in and the conditions on which is available in VTB 24 "Military Mortgage".Conditions in the financial institution a little different from those offered by Sberbank.Thus, the minimum interest rate in VTB 24 is 9.4% down payment can be as low as 10% of the total cost of the acquisition of apartments and 25% if the borrower buys a house with land.

It also requires a financial institution to insure a risk of loss of or damage to real property acquired under the program "Military Mortgage".Bank conditions do not involve collecting commissions when issuing the loan, and the funds can be, if necessary, to repay ahead of schedule.Borrowers fairly wide range of housing, because they can buy flats in the secondary market or buy a house with a yard.


For a mortgage of NIS members participating must submit to the bank such papers: application form, passport, certificate confirming the right to obtain the target loan for housing.These documents are enough to make the bank could decide to grant the necessary sum of money.The manager of the financial institution complete the relevant application form and send it for review.If the bank approves the access to credit for the program "Military Mortgage", the conditions for registration are as follows: the customer must collect the documents on the purchased object.Thus, in the list of required papers include the following:

1. Documents confirming the ownership of Seller residential premises.It may be a contract of sale, donation, probate, etc..

2. The certificate, which confirms the registered ownership of the sold object.

3. Technical documentation: passports, cadastral number.

4. References that indicate the absence of arrears in the payment of utility bills, rent.

5. Resolution of custody for sale if the seller is a minor.

It is important that all the documents have been properly designed, otherwise the bank will not approve the provision of a lawyer of such loan.

Early termination of service

In life there are different situations, and sometimes people are forced to leave from the army.Sometimes this need arises, and in those who have already purchased an apartment with the help of the program "Military Mortgage".Terms severance when you make a loan of any of the financial institutions, many frightened.Most afraid of homelessness, but this does not happen, if the borrower agrees to pay the remainder of their own debt.

State undertakes to pay the loan is only for those who serve.If a military contract was canceled, the borrower himself must fulfill all financial commitments and pay off the balance of the debt.