Chicken breeds: their differences and peculiarities

success of breeding birds in the household depends entirely on the correct breed that can adapt as much as possible to local climatic conditions.In addition, every kind of bird bred for their own purposes.The owner of a particular breed of chickens is necessary to know its useful qualities, to create favorable conditions for its breeding.

Hens egg breeds

These birds are mobile enough to have a small carcass weight, lightweight skeleton, dense plumage.The price of eggs from the hen is completely independent of its body weight, the lower, the cheaper the product.This is due to the costs of its content.

Egg breed chickens "are" the characteristic leaf-comb, which has a red swollen appearance due to blood flow, and if the laying hen is bad, or is the molt, it paly and wrinkled.

Crest Chicken serves as an indicator of his productive inclinations can be determined if a juvenile it is developed, it says its a good egg production in the future.

in our country are popular breeds of chickens, as the Russian white Leghorn, you can also find Orlov, minorok, Italian kuropatchatyh and others.

Chickens meat breeds

They are larger compared to the hens, plump, a little clumsy, body covered with feathers weak.Lay eggs, meat breeds of chickens can, but not so productive - up to one hundred and thirty pieces a year.Sexual maturity occurs later, there is the ability to carry an average age of seven months.In the production of chicken (broilers) are more commonly used Cornish (Cornish) bird male and Plymouth - female.

Cornish.This breed can be of various colors: they are white, red, fawn, in our country the first widespread.The features of this type chickens are wide and short head with a small yellow beak, red earlobes, massive body with wide-set legs, their comb has struchkovidnuyu form.

Plymouth.The plumage of this breed chickens is striped, gray, white, yellow, black and others.The body has an oval shape, the average head.The legs are strong, short, yellow, like a beak.A characteristic feature of this species is incomplete fit of the wing to the body.

Poultry meat and egg direction

At all times people are willing bred bird in its courtyard.A meat-egg breeds of chickens is particularly unpopular - and the egg in the house, and the meat on the table.

this bird like no other, better adapts to any natural conditions, is more vitality, making it universal.Body weight they have more than the layers, as well as the mass of the egg, the latter is compensation for food.

outstanding representatives of this type are Yurlovsky vociferous hens.Their origin is unknown, but it is believed that they were born in what is now the Lipetsk region.According to experts, in the formation of the breed took part fighting cocks - this causes a relatively long legs peculiar to them.Painting is different: silver black, dark yellow.This bird preobladet and poultry due to its flexibility - the ability to produce two products.