Fabrics for summer dresses and summer blouses.

Every woman wants to look attractive, regardless of age and weather, but most clearly manifest this desire in the summer when you can leave the heavy and outer clothing hides the shape and appear before others in all its glory.In addition, the hottest time of the year has to the holiday season, and every girl wants to be the goddess of a beach resort, admiration, including its luxurious outfits.However, in order to feel comfortable, you need to choose not only the style toilets, but also the material for its production, so many want to know what the fabric for summer dresses are the most suitable.

As you know, the first fabric formed 7-8 thousand years ago.This event was a real revolution, would eliminate the wearing of skins.Scientific and technological progress reduce the cost production of tissue and the appearance of synthetic materials allowed to produce entirely new kinds of textiles.Today the market offers a variety of tissues.They differ in their properties, so they can make a correct choice garment more comfortable to the season.

What fabric summer dress fits best

Speaking about the choice of textiles for tailoring of women's clothing for the hot season, we should first point out that the two approaches are possible.In the first case the choice is made, based on the comfort hygiene tissue, and the second - from its appearance.Indeed, in some cases, for example, when selecting a toilet for evening release of the ladies prefer to endure some inconvenience, but look stunning.Quite a different principle should buy fabric for clothing designed for walking or visiting public places in the daytime.In particular, it should be possible with natural fibers.This does not exclude and adding some percentage of synthetic fiber.In particular, the summer fabric for the dress can be made of cotton with lycra (5%), which allows the clothes to maintain an attractive appearance for a long time and well-fitting shape.

Natural fabrics

Today it is hard to believe, but our mother and grandmother were delighted when they could buy, but rather "get" by hook or crook, for example, a nylon shirt.Times have changed, and the majority of modern women prefer summer dresses made of natural fabrics.Most often they are made of cotton, linen and silk.At the moment there is a huge variety of options such textiles.In particular, flax and linen made burlap and cotton producing cotton, sateen, percale, poplin, flannel, satin, jacquard and about a dozen types of tissues, as they say, for every taste and budget.

Thus, girls who are admirers of all natural, there is a huge choice of options.With the most popular of them is worth a closer look.


deciding the tissue from which sew a summer dress, pay attention to the invention of the French weavers.It received its name from its creator - Jean Baptiste SIDA.New tissue immediately became extremely popular for both men and women.Today the fashion variety cambric summer dresses and blouses.They can be very simple cut or decorated with rich embroidery and lace.The advantage of cambric dresses is their lightness, hygroscopic and pleasantness to the touch.In addition, regardless of the style, they are young their mistresses, because usually painted in bright colors.


modern fashionista, choosing fabric for summer dresses, often undeservedly bypass their attention is usually cotton.But today you can buy this textile is very beautiful colors and prints.Moreover, considering that the material is lightweight, durable and allows the body to breathe freely, it becomes clear that your wardrobe just need a couple of sundresses or calico blouses.


If you are interested in fabrics for summer dresses for special occasions, then pay attention to satin.It is made from 100 percent cotton and it looks incredibly rich, making competition even natural silk.Satin is not rumpled and can withstand a lot of washings.Dresses satin sheen attract beautiful and incredibly pleasant to the touch.


For many centuries, the rich and famous prefer to choose as the fabric for summer dresses on the auspicious occasion satin.It is made of 100 percent synthetic additives or silk.

This fabric is ideal for sewing the wedding chic toilets, including for the celebrations planned for the summer.Also open will look Satin bridesmaid or prom, of course, if the parents agree to lay out a round sum, as this is not the cheapest option.


On the question of what should be the fabric for summer dresses, most of the girls say: beautiful, light and airy.All these epithets corresponds chiffon.It is ideal for sewing resort dresses, as in this closet is simply impossible to go unnoticed, walking at night along the waterfront south of the city.

Initially, it was made of silk.Today, however, the market offers a variety of options with artificial additives.They are much cheaper and accessible to all, so that each woman can enrich your wardrobe with beautiful translucent dress.In addition, the beautifully colored chiffon drapes and easily, allowing you to create original and feminine models sundresses, skirts and tunics.


If you are facing a dilemma from which the fabric to sew a summer dress for a special occasion, then pay attention to textiles, the secret of which many centuries kept a closely guarded.This is the silk that was originally invented in China and European women of fashion prized above all other tissues.Today silk dress continues to be an ornament of any girl's wardrobe.These toilets are not only exceptionally beautiful, but also make it easier to tolerate even the most exhausting heat.Of course, provided that it is a 100% natural product.


Summer fabric for the dress can be very different.In particular, some of the girls often prefer lurex.However, it is considered too pretentious, but the taste and color of comrades is not present, and given the right model can get a very good evening dress.


Many girls at any time of the year tend to emphasize the dignity of the figure and do not give up tight outfits.In this case, an excellent choice is cotton or viscose material with a high content of elastane and synthetics.He received the general name of "jersey" and for decades was one of the undoubted hits sew summer dresses.Dresses from such fabrics keep their shape well, light and elegant.In addition, they do not require a precise fit on the figure and will not close, even if the lady put on weight 1-1.5 kg.

Now you know what the fabric for summer blouses and dresses is the most preferred and can choose the best option.