How does Bedbugs?

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Bug - the common name of insects, there are 40 thousand species.Most of them have no relation to the man.Some types of harm to crops, there is even useful: eat caterpillars and aphids.From early spring to late autumn, representatives of the suborder of the order Hemiptera insects bask in the sun, delighting our eyes colored 'clothes. "Everyone knows, for example, looks like a bug-soldier.But there is one type of track to which each remembers like a nightmare.

Familiarity with bedbug

In most cases, people do not immediately realize that spoke to these insects.He does not know what it looks like a bug, but feels the traces of his presence "in their own skin."If several consecutive days you wake up and find the skin from the bite marks, it is worth considering.This may be a bug.

It is very small.Bug - blood-sucking insects (ekoparazit).Has a highly developed sense of smell, quickly and efficiently locate a victim by smell (usually a man, but sometimes it can be an animal).Sucks blood once every seven days.But it multiplies exponentially.And all his relatives together can poison the lives of not only large family, and even the inhabitants of a block of flats.

At the beginning of the last century, bedbugs were a rarity.Once they began to persecute pesticides and other poisons, they almost disappeared.But not all.Perhaps adapted to the survivors of the first generation of pesticides and do not react to them.Now bedbugs again began to appear everywhere.And not only in poor areas, but also in modern buildings.


How are bedbugs (photos) domestic or bedding or linen?

These are different names of the same insect.It has flattened top and bottom body without wings.Organism bug contains no water.The length depends on the amount you drink blood.It is said about him: "Fed the hungry, not a friend."After eating, the bug is increased not only in width but also in length.Hungry reaches only 3 mm, fed - 8 mm.In fact, it looks like a bug, you can judge how long he had eaten.It depends on its color.It ranges from a dirty yellow (hungry), crimson (only ate) and to dark brown (very long ago eaten).The contours of the body also depend on the amount eaten: the hungry - oval, full - round.

take a closer look, the look of bedbugs (photos).Home vampires have a body covered with hairs that can be seen only under a microscope.Females are larger than males.Bug has a proboscis that pierces the skin.In small jaws there are two channels.One - for the introduction of the poisonous saliva with analgesic, the other - to suck blood.

How does bedbug fed?It is very different from the hungry.Fed - slow, seemingly rounded.Hungry - slim and nimble: in search of food, he can climb on the ceiling and planned down to the victim, like an autumn leaf.

Body bug consists of segments, which helps it stretch when eating and avoid mechanical damage.Crush hungry bug is almost impossible.A well-fed very easily, even at low pressure.

Stages of development

Bedbug for his life goes through several stages:

  • egg;
  • larva;
  • the adult (imago).

The female lays 5-12 eggs daily (total for the life of them can be up to 500).It attaches with a special secret to the surface.Egg milky-white color, shape resembling a grain of rice, but is much less - up to 1 mm.Not afraid of cold and poison.Therefore, in the processing of flat remedy bugs eggs remain intact.

How are the larvae of bugs?They resemble the adult bug, but smaller and much lighter.Therefore, they called nymphs.

appears larvae from eggs a week.She immediately begins to move and ready to eat blood.First Nymph transparent, so the skin can be seen drunk her blood.The larva molts five times (resets shell), each time getting drunk first blood.After molting increases in size.After 6 weeks, the larva turns to imago.If conditions are unfavorable development, the process is delayed up to 4 months.

Bug actively lives a year and a half.But if the room temperature drops below 18 ⁰S can hibernate (suspended animation) and fast one and a half years.What is the bedbug in a state of suspended animation?It will be a thin and transparent, almost dry, seemingly dead.But this impression is deceptive.After raising the temperature bug alive, find food, and continues its life cycle.Do not tolerate frosts below -15 ⁰S and heat from 49 ⁰S.

Where are bedbugs

Where they are hard to find and neutralize: indoor furniture, under baseboards.Hence the answer to the question: "How does a bedbug furniture?"This is another name for the home.

They hide in books and electronics.In the old things, the cracks of walls and floors.In animal cells.Living in dirty and clean rooms.

habitat mites are imago larvae, their skins, eggs and feces.

Therefore, if you do not know how to look like bedbugs, you need to carefully examine the secluded places in the bedroom and look for these clusters.

Way penetration into the house

  • through the cracks in the walls, vents.Adult chinch minute runs of 1 m 25 cm, the larva - up to 25 cm. It can be overcome in search of food up to 30 m.
  • with old furniture.
  • With any piece of furniture if they were infected bugs indoors.
  • In the clothing of family members or guests.
  • As he clung to a pet.

Often the landlord does not know how to look like bedbugs, do not notice their bites, and therefore does not fight with them.In this case, their number is growing rapidly.Through slot bugs get into the neighboring apartment.The hosts, finding unexpected visitors, try to destroy them.But they come again and again, and stream them does not dry out.

How and when the bedbugs bite

channels in the jaw release painkillers.A person does not feel the bite and does not react to it.Bug begins to suck blood.One session a meal at the nymph lasts 3 minutes, the adult - 8-10 minutes.After eating, bug crawls in habitat and digesting food.After 15 minutes, the bite starts to itch.But near the insect is gone.You can not help but notice that there was a bug clothesline.What is the bed in the morning?She left a drop of blood from crushed bugs that have not had time to escape.The spots darken the morning.Happy "bloodsuckers" are not visible.During the night (3 am) bugs come out to hunt.Proboscis pierce the skin and soft tissue as long as the capillary is not found.

Nymphs are not able to enter an analgesic, because a shot is heard immediately.But their proboscis is very thin, and the bite may not be visible.

If bedbugs are so many, and they are hungry, they can attack the electric light, and even during the day.It argued that the more they bite people with sensitive skin and do not like the smell of tobacco.

How are bed bugs bites

After a bite of one individual is the track of several punctures, which are from one another at a distance of 4 cm. Each hole insect drink a few drops of blood.If bugs you only populated, bites can be a little, making it difficult to diagnosis.But usually several tens of tracks.

Each of mosquito bites is similar to, but with a clear feature of the preamble.The plot is near the site of penetration rapidly swells and turns red, starts strong burning sensation and itching.

distance between bites can be a few millimeters.Then, they merge into a continuous swollen and itchy spots.It looks like a bug bite?Photos, located below, shows that in its place the red bumps are formed with liquid.

Bedbugs bite the skin not covered by clothing: arms, legs, neck, bare back.They can not bite through cloth, like a mosquito.And there will always be exposed.After the bug is silent.Even squeak like a mosquito, you will not hear from him.

After a few hours the swelling goes bites stop itching.By evening, they usually remain on the subtle point.But when combing, which is very likely, blisters may remain for several weeks.

Damage caused by bites

  • pain and itching do not give sleep at night, during the day - work.
  • Allergic reactions occur at high sensitivity.Can fever, angioedema attack, sometimes - anaphylactic shock.
  • If you get an infection in the wound there is a high probability of occurrence of ulcers.
  • If a young child long bedbugs bite, he may develop anemia.
  • These insects carry typhoid, smallpox, tularemia, hepatitis, tuberculosis.Some scientists believe that the bugs can infest their rights.But science is not proven.

How do I know that there were bedbugs in the apartment

to understand who you are bitten, you need to find it.About 70% of people, mainly males, is not responding to bugs.They are not acting substance introduced insects.But all the bugs bite.If on the bed in the morning you find small dark spots of blood, you need to guard.It may well be bugs.To verify that the night is abruptly turn on the light and carefully examine himself, sheets, wall beside the bed.

Appeared from nowhere pungent odor of almonds or raspberries can also indicate the presence of bed bugs.

Differences from other insects

bedbugs often confused with cockroaches, lice, ants.For most of them, fortunately, almost never occur.

main differences:

  • have bugs do not have nests, ants have;
  • have cockroaches have wings, bed bugs have not (or rather, there are, but underdeveloped);
  • bedbugs bite open body lice - closed;
  • remaining insects are odorless.

How to distinguish between bites of bedbugs

Make it may not always be even doctors.But some differences are still there.

  • Mosquito bites are not painful.Traces of bedbugs redder posted tracks and groups.
  • tick bite while sitting in the wound for a long time, burying her in the head and pouring with blood;bug escapes.
  • bee stings and wasps more painful.
  • Bedbugs bite at night and indoors.
  • When allergy to red spot is not a trace of the proboscis.

Bedbugs bite everyone and always.They can move from apartment to apartment, from old furniture new.They are not easy to see, but even more difficult to ignore.As you can see, bugs - insects unpleasant.Their neighborhood brings not only painful bites.The realization that you are crawling at night these creatures can cause depression or a nervous breakdown.Sami bugs will not go away.Therefore, we must try to get rid of them.Knowing looks like a bug, it is easy to detect the location of the parasite.Destroy better with the help of special tools.Now there are effective drugs that have no odor and virtually harmless to humans.The procedure can be done by yourself or turn to professionals who deal disinsection.