How do you arrange the group into contact.

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Social network Vkontakte pleases its users plenty of interesting design groups.Many of them apparently do not concede to the full site.This effect provides competent design group, in particular, the menu and avatars.Experienced users can easily cope with this task, if you are a beginner, the article will be helpful.

How you arrange the group in VK

Creating a banner

When viewing user group first drew attention to the avatar and menus.Here you will learn how to create two images in the program Photoshop, correct one of them cut and write special code indicating the external links.

Tier 1

Open Photoshop, create a new document with the size of 630h725 pixels.Fill it with white.Cut in a layer of two windows.Through these windows will look out graphic design Contact.First select a rectangular area the size of 200h710 pixels, press the "Del".Next, select a rectangular area the size of 382h442 pixels, combine the resulting rectangle across the bottom and press the key "Del".

Step 2

obtained under layer is a graphic design group.The best thing in the picture with a basic background in advance to write the desired text, and in addition to create the desired number of items.

Step 3

Next right rectangular area the size of 200h710 pixels.saved as a separate image.The result was completely ready for decoration drawing group.It must be loaded into the unit, which is located in the upper right side of the page.To do this, click the "Upload a photo".

Why then left the picture?We cut it into several parts (depending on the number of menu items).For example, we have five menu items, then the output will turn 5 images 382h50 pixels.

Step 4

received five images to be loaded into album.Next, we go to the page group, and select the block "News", rename it to "Menu Group" and then click "Edit".

Step 5

Here we come to the final stage guide "How you arrange the group in contact."Open the tab called "Source Code."The code, which is in the lower window, you need to copy and then paste in "source code".The text of the code, replace the photo in the file name of the file and note the height (382 pixels).Now insert the address links menu.The file name is taken from the album.

Step 6

For the perfect combination of images need to meet several conditions:

- group name must fit into one line;

- site address - the same one line.

- description should contain 10 lines.

Wiki-markup Vkontakte

To understand how you arrange the group in contact should also be familiar with the concept of Wiki-markup.

What is it?

So, Wiki-marking - a system designed to edit pages similar to HTML.Before the beginning of the group registration FaceBook, decide with his views.Design is a graphic and text.

Making text menu

code for the menu will look like this:

[[photo-4599955_138645590]] [|Обращение to ADM]

beginning and end of the code designated tags.Each icon will look like [[photo-№_v album]], and then the description.

graphical menu

code of the menu will be compiled on the following principle:

![Http: // |​​ Menu] !![Http: // |​​ Menu] !![Http: // |​​ Menu]

Of course, this information is only superficially about the topic Wiki-markup.Learn more about it by visiting the official group VKontakte.They presented a lot of useful information and video tutorials on how you arrange the group into contact.