How to catch a bat: step by step guide

Bats are associated in most people with something scary and mysterious.As a child, we watched cartoons and fairy tales, where the mysterious caves in the sorcerers lived with these animals and witches brewed potions necessarily using their legs and wings.Recall even movies about Dracula, where bats were his faithful companions and friends.

When this creature inadvertently flies into our apartment, begins the general panic, mixed with genuine horror.Grandparents are beginning to remember curses and superstitions, shake their heads and sigh resignedly, that's a bad sign.In fact, there is no mystery here.The poor animal just get lost and need to help him return to familiar surroundings.This article will tell you how to catch a bat properly, so as not to harm her or himself.

Evil Spirit, or a harmless creature?

Let's try to figure out who they are - bats.It is not be afraid of them?In fact, it is not worth it.Scientists say that those species that live in our area, eat only insects.Human blood, they do not drink, so fear them not.It is for different insect as well as they fly into our window.But with the advent of unexpected, we face an important question - how to catch a bat.In the house, if they were, it created only one danger - these animals carry the rabies virus.But to catch the disease from a bat, you have to try, because the sick individuals in this population of about 0.1 per cent, while the mad dogs - as much as 40%.But people are so arranged that the animals are not afraid and are loyal to him, so the poor mice slopped all the emotions in a row mixed with fear.To be afraid of these animals is not necessary, since they, being in your house, scared, even more than you.

Why bats fly into our houses?

Quite simply.Bats do not build any special homes or nests.For them, often serve as a refuge caves and fissures in the rocky mountains.But we all know that a person by their actions gradually destroys the nature and habitat of the animals is shrinking.They often migrate closer to the people - in villages, towns, and even big cities.Here they are well settled in attics, basements, unfinished or abandoned buildings.

In search of a new home, they may accidentally fly into the apartment.Then we begin to frantically search for a way out of this situation and ask ourselves, how to catch a bat.From the balcony, they also often come to our house, hunting for insects.Animal as "interested in" the process of the pursuit of the coveted meal, it just bursts into the room and becomes the uninvited guests.Besides the bats partially blind and do not always distinguish a barrier in the form of glass.In the air, bats rely on echolocation only.

How to catch a bat with the help of a homemade trap

main thing - do not panic!Remember that these animals are not dangerous to humans.In the world there are only three kinds of animals that suck blood.They live only in South and Central America and feed on the blood of cows normally.

How to catch a bat, describes in detail the step by step instructions.You can build a special trap.Its creation will need: network and nylon rope, masking tape, foam, rod and wire.Rope making frame, insert it in a web of networks.The size of such a "picture" should be about 2 to 3 meters.

rope fastened to a web threading in small holes and tying nodes.From them we should hang loop for a couple of centimeters.They are threading any sticks or poles, in this role perfectly suited rod.Fasten them with tape.Making additional wire loop at the top and bottom of the canvas.Then the grid is fixed to the poles.To do this, the free loops at the bottom of the web put on our rod and the upper tighten noose.Offset from the end of the pole should be at the same level of 15 centimeters.

lower loop connect with wire.Well suited laundry gum that add up to a few times.This is done so that when the swing of it was quite tense.The network also has to be strong and resilient to keep the weight of the animal.All our trap is ready.She, with the help of poddevaniya, you can catch a mouse and gently release it into the wild.

How to get rid of bats, if they are settled in a private home

Bats fly not only in the apartment.Very often, they settle in private homes, resulting in the horror of their inhabitants.Do not worry.You can protect yourself from their appearance.Put to do any ultrasound device in the attic.Bats are sensitive to its waves and afraid to fly inside.Ultrasound is well disorients the animals, they will not be able to fly close to this location.Incidentally, such a device could be put in the attic flats.

If unexpected neighborhood is already present, how to catch a bat?At home they can be a mixture of smoke a special smoking room, but it is better to call experts.There is a group of people at the sanitary and epidemiological station, which will help to drive the mice from the attic or basement.Those services are provided by rescuers.Rescuers arrive at the professional challenge and eliminate mice.Kill them, of course, will not be, as they are listed as endangered in many countries.But to make so that animals have left your house and more there is not settled.

If you get bored of bats in nature during the holidays, there are a number of ways to catch the bat.In the forest, they can be blind.They lose their orientation and fall.Just so as not to harm the little animal, you need to be spread more widely covered and catch him in the animal.

Signs associated with bats

Our people are very superstitious.They believe that if the pay a visit to the house of the bat, it's certainly unfortunate.In Scotland, for example, say that this innocent animal - a messenger of the devil himself.If a pack of mice, flies up, the Scots believe that the apogee of evil forces.

chiropteran If the animal is not simply rushed into the house, but also bumped into a man, it promises the death of one of the household or in trouble.But more often the appearance of the animals is linked with death.For example, the mouse has flown more than three times the room - for a speedy burial in the house.If someone brought home chiropteran own - it's a disease.

In fact, all vestiges of the past, when people are afraid of darkness and all that goes with it.As the bat - night animal, and it was feared, and was associated with evil spirits.In the XXI century, to believe this is not just silly, it is a sign of ignorance, as any encyclopedia will tell about the harmlessness of the mice and their
benefits for mankind.

Why bats

Without bats life on the planet would be very different.After all, these animals relieve us from the mass insect pests by eating them.Only one animal per hour able to catch more than a thousand insects.

also in the future, they can save lives.After all, scientists have determined that the saliva contains an anticoagulant animals that cures heart disease.Now, researchers of trying every way to "copy" the composition of the saliva of mice to use these enzymes in medicine.With it, they believe, will be able to spare millions of people worldwide from cardiovascular diseases.

So if you flew into the house of bats, do not be afraid.This is very useful and necessary nature of the beast.He is not a messenger of evil forces, its appearance will bring misfortune.Just smile all these inventions.How to catch a bat, if the neighborhood becomes unbearable, you already know.Use these methods, and then you will be able to solve your problem.