How to draw a pencil and paints a banana

Banana - a very common fruit in all the land, so often it can be seen in various paintings of fruit and vegetables.Draw them simply as the basis of these objects are geometric shapes: circle at the apple, tomato, cherry, oval from cucumber, corn, bananas, grapes and triangle lettuce.

And if you also think about how to draw a banana, this article will be so helpful.

Execution of construction

If you are just learning to draw, then you need to know how to do the construction.Probably the most difficult thing is how to draw a banana - it is to do exactly the right design for drawing fruit.

on a piece of paper, which will depicts a banana held skyline.Then the hard pencil (H) set the subtle point - the center of the fruit.Next to the eye with a pencil and finger size measured from the middle to the left and move it down on paper, make a small little note.The same thing is done right.Next we are measuring the height from the middle and make the corresponding notches on the paper up and down.

Now you can hold a flat horizontal line, thus we get a rectangle.

If the banana is planned to draw in expanded form, then place it as the sketch is done in the form of ovals (bent skins).

Steps for drawing "Banana┬╗

Now we come to the question of how to draw step by step banana.Since all the required training has been completed, the case remains for small.

The resulting rectangle draw a curved semicircle.To make it easier to wipe all the inaccuracies, take the hardest pencil.Then draws tangy fruit tip and tail.

If you draw a banana half open, the tip is rounded and somewhere in the middle is an open skin.

pencil How to draw a banana

To properly perform a drawing, you should stock up on pencils of varying hardness.Hard need to draw a bright side as well as glare.Soft You can complete the entire design with smooth transitions.

now proceed to the process of how to draw a banana in black and white.Getting soft pencil shading, since the darkest part.To transition to the glare was more gradual, click on the pencil is less and less.When you reach the maximum light tone, you can continue to take firm and shading.Remember that the hatch of one part always goes in one direction, each bar is applied separately.

At the end draw a drop shadow softest pencil.In order not to smear the whole picture, the arm can put a small piece of white sheet.

How to draw a banana colors

If you decide to perform a drawing in color, with a choice of colors decide.The easiest way is to paint gouache and acrylic.Oil paints are suitable only for the drawing on the canvas, but to work with them - a pleasure.The most difficult option - watercolor.The palette of colors is very extensive, but they can not be applied more than three layers, so that the paper starts to slide under them.

Let's start working.First you need to draw a background on which is a banana.He can lie on a plate, which is on the table against the wall, on a tablecloth or even hang on the tree.Painting background starts from the top down.If you do the opposite, you can smear all the layers that are close at hand.Details of the background, but the shadow of a banana, you can also draw the right.

At the very least begin the coloring of banana.If you are depicted slightly open banana, first paint it a lighter part.To do this, mixed with white or yellow coated thin, diluted with water, a layer of watercolor paint.When it dries, you can paint the rest of the saturated yellow.Then, drawn different veins and dark parts of a banana.When you have completed all of this, you can draw a drop shadow.