Noisy neighbors.

noise produced by neighbors, can have absolutely any nature: a loud running radio or television, as much as possible to set the sound on the music center, and music playing all day, screaming, stomping, clapping and then the door, the laughter of the night ... Oh, yes!Noisy neighbors are able to add sounds in our "boring" life.It does not matter, your neighbors are doing repairs or because of their youth do not like to go to bed before midnight, they have every chance to provide you with long-lasting insomnia.Let's discuss a plan of action.

So, should start with the simplest case.The neighbors are doing repairs.It seems obvious, if we ignore the fact that he had made such an impression that they have power around the clock.Do not run such a situation.With such tenants is better to find out, as their course will only complicate the "gloomy" situation.Let's start with the most common errors.When settled near noisy neighbors that do not all think and feel free to dial a phone number soostvetstvuyuschih bodies.Remember.Pissed neighbor worse nemesis.Such an act of the relationship between you will not improve, and this option to leave the most-the most extreme case.

Firstly, while still unfamiliar with the new tenants have to take stringent measures to combat, and secondly, you will have every chance to earn the reputation of others are not quite adequate man who is unable to solve the problem personally, peacefully.Law enforcement, of course, deal with the situation, but whether you need a way out of the problem?It is best to try to talk calmly.We are all people and most of us know how to listen.Explain that you have a small child and the noise of the gun at half past one night interferes with sleep, not only the baby, but to you and half the entrance.This approach helps in 9 of 10 cases.

There are cases where a private conversation is impossible, for example, you are on the spirit can not stand each other, but live normally do not give these noisy neighbors.What to do then?There is an old way - a letter, you can even anonymously.Record all your claims on the paper and put it in the mailbox violators of peace.For most people enough hint that the surrounding residents are showing discontent.But it is worth considering one point.Do not write any kind of threat, especially not worth it to intimidate the police.Such a maneuver counter aggression except nothing.Be careful.

If the problem still comes to law enforcement, just say, well, there's the tenant disturbs sleep just is not enough.To achieve the truth you will need at least proof of the offense and the signature of tenants.The bigger, the better.After all, it is a criminal case under article "hooliganism."

When noisy neighbors interfere with sleep, what to do is clear, but there are other inconveniences.From time to time, or, God forbid, you are regularly drowned neighbors, what to do in that case?There is the same situation, but is related to the compensation of damages.This moment often delays the process of investigation.We all know that the consequences of the flood are eliminated only by the originator.Often the perpetrator, in order to save himself and resolves the issue.But if you constantly stoked neighbors what to do with negligent owners of apartments on top.Call the representative utilities and seek the truth through the appropriate bodies.You will in any case pay damages.Act!

problem "noisy neighbors: what to do and how to deal" can be solved in different ways.Even more rare eternal flooded by - quite solved the issue.The main thing to remember that the neighbor is sometimes better than the other and it is with these people you have to live "wall to wall".You can always spoil the relationship, but it is difficult to establish their unrealistic.Try to solve all "amicably", it is the key to a long and good relationship.