How to scare the OS?

At the end of summer, many residents of suburban areas, houses and apartments start worrying issue of how to scare off a, causing a lot of trouble.It is often these insects start to attack without any apparent reason, showing aggressiveness and attacking several times.Scare off the OS is difficult, but possible, if you look into their causes and to take all measures for their destruction.

How Wasps enter the premises?

As insects get into the room, and how to scare the OS?This question is raised by many gardeners.Basically wasps prefer to build nests in attics, roofs and balconies, where it is always warm enough and there is some food.There are many cases when the wasps are in apartments where people live and work.Embarking spring in search of a peaceful and quiet place to nest, the female can fly into the room through the open door, window or the window and begin to build your area.Then she begins to lay eggs, eating the crumbs from the table, flies and other insects.After 1 month appears brood, and the family of wasps becomes large enough and strong, causing a lot of trouble with his presence.

Why should deter wasps?

Many believe that in the end we can conclude "alliance" with the annoying insects and achieve peaceful coexistence, but the overall picture is completely different:

  • Wasps adversely affect the harvest, destroying raspberries, gooseberries, pears and grapes.Berries insects eat whole fruits and eat away the larger size tunnels, which can accommodate several individuals.
  • Besides destroying crops, wasps can harm health or even life.It is known that an insect bite can cause quite severe allergic reaction, delayed treatment which provokes the anaphylactic shock and other unpleasant consequences.
  • Wasps are carriers of the infection, producing food not only in gardens and orchards, and the trash that is harmful to health and can lead to various intestinal diseases and disorders.

These reasons are sufficient to accept the fact that a wasp - more pests than peaceful insects.

When should I get rid of the pesky "guests"?If

to residents raised the question of how to scare off the wasps, the best way to deal with them - to destroy the nest.The most suitable time is considered to be spring and autumn, when the dwelling insects empty.Nests found necessary to burn in the evening together with its inhabitants, or, if it is done during the day, returning home after a day of furious wasps come and start attacking all those who meet in their way.

Preparing for insects

Scare wasps - a necessary measure in the fight against insects, who settled in the living room or harm, eating the ripe harvest.

Before you proceed to the destruction of the OS yourself, you need to prepare thoroughly.You will need to wear clothes made of a strong fabric and close all open parts of the body.On hand should wear gloves, preferably impregnated with the smell deters wasps.The person should be protected mosquito net.Making sure that there is a number of animals and children can get to work.To solve the problem of how to scare off the OS, you need to advance as a swarm has acquired frightening proportions.

most common ways to repel wasps

Before insect repellent, you must determine the choice of strategy.For example, there are common methods such as pouring boiling water over the nest, spray a garden sprayer using diesel fuel, gasoline and kerosene.Popular as household chemicals (chlorine, means "dichlorvos", "Domestos"), using which is treated very places where the nest and wasps.Often people get different sprays and deodorants, air fresheners and other aerosols that smell deterrent wasps.Since the works are carried out in the hot season, taking advantage of the above tools, you should remember that they are all quite flammable and easily catch fire, especially in the case of kerosene and diesel fuel.

Traditional methods in the fight against wasps

Those who do not like chemistry and prefer natural products, often use a variety of herbs and plants, wasp repellent.For example, wormwood - a great natural repellent against wasps and many other insects.After dropping it on a site or a balcony, residents permanently forget about the annoying buzz.Also good repellent properties are pennyroyal and basil, frightening not only wasps, but ticks, flies and mosquitoes.Another option how to scare off a, a liquid smoke, emits odor.

According to many gardeners and gardeners, the most effective in the fight against insects and repellent are special models, dummies hornet's nest.

Wasps never settle near the neighboring hive to prevent war between the families.It is also possible to use electronic devices repellency, but they are quite expensive and most are inefficient.In specialty stores counselor can tell what the smell deters wasps and offer perfume after application which can protect yourself from bites.

In recent years, the majority of the people who fought the wasps came to the conclusion that without the help of specialized products rather difficult to cope with insects.Traditional methods of struggle are good, but they help in cases where a wasp swarm is not very big and they can be handled without any special effort.When the wasp family is well-developed, without buying tools such as "Raptor", "ghetto", "Moskitol" and similar medications can not do.These tools are effective and operate over a long period of time - up to 8 months, allowing you to scare away insects once and for all.It is also about what the smell deters wasps, you can learn more in the shops.

Safety regulations in contact with wasps

  • If you start circling near wasp, do not panic and scare her.Waving his hands and jerky movements likely lead to a painful bite, rather than deter insect.
  • cottage or country house, you need to frequently change clothes and avoid excessive sweating.Drops of sweat and moisture on the body is very attracted wasps.
  • Any drinks, sweets, fruits, vegetables and other food at the picnic table or chalet must be tightly closed.
  • Walking barefoot and viewing old trees - a pledge indispensable meeting with wasps.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that if there's a wasp settled, the hand must always be ice, burn, tablets "Suprastin" even if none of the members of the family do not have allergies.After read articles every host knows how to scare away the wasps from home, without any special effort.Keep in mind that caution and care are the main requirements for any contact with these insects.