How to remember dreams?

To know more about dreams, you need to become familiar with the procedure, how to memorize them, and what determines the outcome.

There is such a thing as a conscious vision of the night.It helps to work with the consciousness that is very helpful in dealing with any psychological problems or a statement of personal goals.This method is often used by psychologists.However, there is also work with the subconscious.It is even more interesting direction of self-development.To learn how to work with the conscious night vision, you should at least learn to memorize at least a fragment of what dreamed.


first recommendation is to begin memory training in this area, is the transition to a longer rest.That is, you need to go to sleep already rested, while the main share of the nervous system voltage is removed.There is an opportunity to focus on memorizing vision.The advantage of a long sleep is also the fact that the next story is becoming more duration.

Also, there is a reduction of the interval between the visions within a period of rest.The whole cycle of sleep is divided into several time steps.The first night vision can occur over a few seconds to 10 minutes.Then there is a short-term break.The second dream lasts from an hour to 45 minutes.There are many opinions of experts on the matter when it is immersed in a sleeping vision.Some argue that this happens in the first few hours after falling asleep, that this explains why a person does not remember dreams.And awake, he simply forgets them.It seems to be true, but there is another point of view.

Other experts believe that all the action takes place in a few moments before awakening.It is in such cases and a high probability that the dream is still deposited in the memory sleep.Another confirmation of the authenticity is that we have shown that those who sleep more responsive and reacts to external sounds while the rest are able to remember the stories of his visions.Which of these points of view is correct in fact, quite difficult to say.After independently verify the correctness of such statements people can not.

momentary awakening

next thing to do is to remember a dream, is to resort to the method of short-term revival.At the same time on the bedside table is necessary to prepare in advance a notebook or a notebook and a pen.With their help, we should make notes about everything that could remember after waking up.Even if it's just a fragment of a dream.It is important to describe all the details.In the dream can prividetsya particular person or just a person, a building or a room, all kinds of objects, animals or imaginary creatures.It is also important to celebrate their own actions.Was it just an observation, or hibernate took an active part in the plot.The main task for this method of remembering a dream - it's waking up, immediately write down everything that we managed to remember.

Celebrate the key points

To make it easier to capture that dream, because the vision can be quite substantial, and the night is just too lazy to do, it should be noted only the main key points.In the morning, after reading the list drawn up, to remember all the details will not be difficult.One should pay attention to the items that contain dialogues.

For example, a man dreamed that he was talking with his friend.Fluent writing in a notebook the word "dialogue" sleep will remember that it was.It may even remember the essence of the conversation.However, spoken phrases, and other details completely forgotten.Therefore it is necessary to try to describe the dialogue at least a few quotes.


When a man can proudly say of himself: "I memorize every night dream" - then keep a kind of diary is even more convenient.According to these records is much to understand and realize after a while.It is also interesting to calculate the statistics of a certain vision.On the basis of these records can easily create a psychological portrait of the person, find out what happens in the subconscious, and much more.

Another option

People who speak with confidence about himself: "I do not remember dreams" - is likely to interfere with the morning bustle and thoughts about pressing matters.So they just do not give yourself the possibility of peace to realize that it is their dream.In other words, there is no time.After waking the man frantically trying to remember what day it is, what is planned, what to do and where to start.Then he proceeds to act.

start gathering to study or work, swarming in my head thinking about the upcoming day, formed plans.In the evening, a person completes all its Delhi and again put to sleep.He may prividetsya variety of interesting stories, but remember they did not succeed.In the morning, everything will be repeated again.When a short-term revival is not the time, and every minute of sleep on weight in gold, then the recording should be done as soon as awake.Perhaps the magazine will the story is not about a specific plot, but the feelings experienced.

Often people dream about emotions, and very believable.Love, tenderness, fear, anger - these and many other feelings a person can clearly feel in his vision.This is a very valuable material for deep psychoanalysis.After all, people are always wondering what secrets are stored in their own subconscious.

method for those who are fast asleep

How to remember dreams?Procedures on this issue, there are many.One for those who sleep on their own, and pretty hard to wake up at night is almost not.For these purposes should be set alarm clock that will ring at the time of the alleged sleep.Wake up, to describe all that comes to mind.Do not keep a diary as a narrative, it is not necessary to spend the precious time dedicated to sleep.

is enough to briefly capture the main points in a list or transfer of objects, actions and things.The alarm is recommended to set at intervals of 90 minutes, this is estimated time at which a person has a dream.For example, such intervals may be - 5, 6:30.Then give yourself the opportunity to be a little more sleep.If you do not, then the first awakening should perform a little earlier, for example, after 3-4 hours after falling asleep.

technique of persuasion

How to remember dreams?Proven method is the technique of persuasion.It is no secret that the power of your own thoughts can make a person do something that previously seemed impossible.This principle works in this situation.Before going to bed, you should give yourself installation, which should be seen by all means remember the dream.Of course, the first time may not happen.

But if you do not throw the idea, already after a couple of nights, you can make sure that the technique works.In keeping with this method, you can reach the level of storing two or more dreams per night.When their number exceeds 2-3 plot might burn them all to be a little difficult.Therefore, in order not to lose valuable memories, should limit tezisno conclusion of the main points of vision.

When a person knows how to remember dreams, and effectively uses this technique, he is able to remember all the stories that have seen him at night.Further, the overall picture is formed of images and action.On this basis, it creates a vision of the world of dreams.When the step of forming the ends tend to move to the next.Then highly advisable to create a map of dreams.However, this is a completely different level.Until the next train memory.

Change the head and tying corner cushions

How to remember dreams?The people there are many methods.The first is the change of the head.That is the one night a man goes to sleep in a familiar way, and the next - the head should be where his feet, and so in turn.Changing the position of sleep contributes to new sensations, so memorizing is much better.

The second way is that the upper corner of the cushion to tie a handkerchief.According to folk beliefs, thus creating a trap for dreams.Which method is more efficient, you can check on personal experience, the more easily that it will not be.

Thread help

How to remember the dream by a thread?There are two versions depending on the version.For the first method, you must take a cut thread and tie it into a loose knot.All this is placed under the pillow sleeping.In the morning, waking, you should try to remember a dream, at the same time untying the knot.The second option - to tie a thread over one of the top cushion.According to tradition, awake, disassemble design and enjoy the memories.

Why do not remember

Many wonder why I do not remember dreams.French scientists found the answer.They argue that people who sleep sensitively and often wake up during the night, remember better night vision than those who plunges into a deep and sound sleep.This is a scientific explanation.In fact, the ability to remember dreams is controlled by the prefrontal cortex area of ​​the human brain.It temporoparietal junction, according to scientists, are responsible for the efficient processing of information data coming from sources outside world.People who sleep very sensitive and able to respond to sounds and other stimuli during sleep, temporoparietal area is almost always active.What explains their ability to remember an advanced night vision.

The results of the research also revealed that citizens of such a peculiar spontaneous brain activity both during sleep and during wakefulness.People who hardly remember their night vision, the rates were much lower.It turns out that the activity of brain activity monitors sleep the person who creates the conditions for the formation of memory for what he saw.

And whether it is necessary to remember

lot of interest, and whether to remember the dream at all?It often happens that prividitsya is that I want to forget all at once.If you fill your life with new and vivid impressions, the memory of the dream will be erased very quickly and easily.