How to Cope with food poisoning or what to do if food poisoning?

Many thought about the question of what to do with the food poisoning?Fortunately, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain can pass by themselves within two - five days.That is why the "victim" of food poisoning do not like to go to the doctor and rely on folk remedies self.We do not deny the usefulness of certain herbs, natural remedies, and the time-tested methods of treatment, but still recommend that you contact your doctor if your condition does not improve within a week, there is a high temperature, as well as vomiting and diarrhea for more than two days.

What to do in case of poisoning food if ill - a child or an elderly person?In this case, the qualified medical help is required, as banal food poisoning can cause complications due to lack of resources from the body to fight disease.

accelerate the timing of treatment for poisoning may: use of large volumes of liquid, short-lived sessions starvation of bed rest and receive effective enterosorbents.Doctors recommend taking 3-5 grams of activated carbon.- 4 times per hour with an interval of 15 minutes, vitamin C - twice every hour, or just use the drug that combines the properties of activated carbon and vitamin C, for example, enterosorbent on natural raw materials Entegnin-H.

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Entegnin-H enterosorbent based on hydrolyzed lignin - the product of cellulose processing, is also recommended to use in special types of food poisoning: poisoning with mushrooms, meat and meat products, fish, vegetables and fruit, as its dosage and convenient form of release to quickly get rid ofsevere symptoms: nausea, vomiting, seizures, caused by exposure to toxins in the body.Feeling dry mouth, weakness, and the first retching, it is better to take entersorbent until the poison did not have time to get in large quantities in the body, did not begin to participate in the process of absorption and could not even disrupt the internal organs.

Particular caution should be exercised in cases of poisoning by fungi, fish or unfamiliar fruits, for example, while relaxing in tropical countries.The poison can be slow.So, that you were poisoned fly agaric, you will learn in half an hour, and pale toadstool - only seven hours.If

with mushrooms, many still try to be careful, do not collect, for example, old or unfamiliar mushrooms, and to avoid cases of poisoning, what to do in case of poisoning food in a foreign country: fruits and vegetables, many do not know and start to panic.In this case, every traveler should give advice to study more especially the national cuisine of the country they intend to visit, do not buy a suspiciously cheap fruit from street vendors, do not succumb to their ugovory- try right on the unwashed and carefully select the contents of its road kitsdo not forget to put it in an effective enterosorbent.