How to fight cellulite, without leaving the house?

All women, regardless of age, want to have a nice and smooth skin.But such common female problem as cellulite, prevents this dream come true.Do not despair, because today there are many ways to get rid of this cosmetic defect.You can pass the anti-cellulite course in the beauty salon, but then you have to pay a tidy sum.And you can get rid of it on their own and without any cost.Let's look at how to deal with cellulite at home.

sea salt cellulite

Using these beautiful iridescent "pebbles", you can achieve great results: to calm the nervous system, enhance metabolism and smooth skin.Simply put, sea salt - a godsend for our body and our skin.With the success of its use in the treatment of cellulite.It is recommended to take salt from the Dead Sea, as it contains the most nutrients that we need.

So, how to fight cellulite with the help of sea salt?To begin prepare therapeutic bath.Type in the bath water, keeping the temperature at 38 degrees.Taking a bath should be no longer than thirty minutes.At this time it is not recommended to use any beauty products for bathing.

Immediately after a bath, rinse under the shower, put on a warm robe and wrapped in a blanket.To effect was much better on the skin, apply anti-cellulite cream and rub it in a circular motion.

If you do such a bath on a regular basis, then soon you will notice how fat layer begins to decrease, and the skin will become elastic.

There is another way to fight cellulite, using the salt.To do this you need to take it inside.Buy at the pharmacy salt, dissolve in a glass of warm water a teaspoon and drink small sips.Course admission of such a solution is 10-12 days, then take a break for a month and again.

You can also make a mask for wrapping.Take two teaspoons of salt, add two tablespoons of water, a cup of coffee grounds and a good mix.Apply the mixture on the problem areas, plump wrap cling film, top cover with a towel and leave for twenty minutes.Wrapping several times to increase the effect of salt and caffeine.After the film is removed, wash off the mask in the shower and causes cellulite cream.

Coffee cellulite

And now look at how to combat cellulite with the help of everyone's favorite beverage.We are talking about coffee.It is great help to get rid of "orange peel", breaks the subcutaneous fat, removes toxins, stimulates metabolism.Because of this the skin becomes smooth and beautiful.Try to prepare the coffee scrub at home.Preparing it is very simple and requires no extra costs.

scrub with coffee and honey

This recipe is suitable only for those who are not allergic to honey.
Take a tablespoon of ground coffee, put together with the same amount of honey and mix well.The resulting mixture was put on the necessary parts of the body and in a circular motion for about ten minutes massaging the skin.Honey pull all excess liquid and coffee will improve skin turgor.

scrub with coffee and pepper

We need 100 grams of ground coffee, three tablespoons of pepper tincture (available at pharmacies) and a teaspoon of olive oil.

All components mix in a glass bowl and leave in a dark place for seven days.After this time, apply the mixture on your skin, rub for ten minutes and wash off with water.This procedure is preferably carried out after a hot bath, twice a week.Scrub perfectly smoothes the skin and removes the extra inches.

Applying all of these procedures on a regular basis, you will be able to achieve excellent results in a short time and feel again desirable and unique.