How to treat thrush in men: the basic principles of therapy

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Candidiasis is considered to be a female disease.However, the victims of this disease are often the representatives of the stronger sex.Since treat thrush in men?What causes the disease?How does Candida?

Causes and Symptoms of candidiasis in men

known to cause diseases are fungal organisms of the genus Candida.This infection is very common.The most common pathogens are transmitted during unprotected sexual intercourse.On the other hand, can and household transmission, such as sharing towels, while the swimming pool, saunas, steam baths and other public places.Do not forget that the fungus Candida are conditionally pathogenic microflora, so the disease can be associated with weakened immune systems.

Before you learn how to treat yeast infection in men, it is necessary to get acquainted with its main symptoms.These include redness of the skin in the area of ​​the external genitalia, including inguinal folds, perineum and scrotum.Often there is swelling of the glans penis.

In fact, the appearance of white cheesy discharge with an unpleasant sour smell - a characteristic manifestation of yeast infection in men.In addition, patients complain of persistent itching and burning pain when urinating and discomfort during intercourse.

How to treat thrush in men?

Of course, if these symptoms should immediately seek medical attention.Many people are interested in the question of whether or not the man to cure yeast infection.Certainly, patients with this disease require assistance.If left untreated the disease can become chronic, get rid of that much more difficult.

Since treat thrush in men?To begin with the doctor finds out that it was the cause of infectious inflammation and eliminates it.In addition, you must use local products, which will help get rid of the main symptoms.Typically, such drugs contain imidazole ("Clotrimazole").This substance has anti-fungal properties and can destroy the membrane of fungal microorganism.In some cases, a reception antihistamines.Some experts recommend a regular basis to make compresses of warm broth chamomile - it will help reduce inflammation.

Since candidiasis in any way associated with the weakening of immunity, when such diseases and general therapy is required.Patients are generally recommended intake of vitamin-mineral complexes, which strengthens the body.Positive impact on the state of men drinking ginseng or Echinacea tincture, which stimulate the immune system.

Do not forget that the thrush usually involves some form of dysbiosis.Often patients physicians prescribe special tools that contain live strains of useful bacteria ("Bifiform").It helps normalize the microflora.

Naturally, the period of treatment is necessary to refuse sex.It is also proved that the consumption of alcoholic beverages, foods containing yeast, sugar, simple carbohydrates can cause aggravation.Therefore, it is important to follow the diet and do not include the above products in the diet.