How to bake tarts at home without molds?

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Tartlets - small baskets of different tests - effectively looked at the festive table.They are not only beautiful, but also stable (unlike some sandwiches) bear stuffing.They are nice crunch, it is convenient to pick up.One quite hygienic.Because tartlets have long been mandatory attribute receptions.They can be purchased at the store: puff, sand.But your appetizer get much tastier if you cook baskets themselves.This article will be thoroughly studied how to bake tarts at home without molds.Recipe with photos will make the process of cooking baskets easier to understand.We also give some interesting ideas without test preparation tartlets.

History of snacks

word «tartelette», of course, is of French origin.But there is evidence that similar to tartlet baskets of dough with a variety of snacks served at banquets in ancient Rome.In the Middle Ages various delicacies stuffed with tiny open pies.These predecessors of modern tartlets called Pate.The French invented many options these cakes, and each class was given high-profile names: Dukes, to the table where they were served (a la Mazarin, broth, etc.) or the city in which the recipe was published (de Chartres - with partridge, etc.'Amiens - with duck, de Dieppe - halibut).But any chef in the late XIX century, figured out how to bake tarts at home is unknown.History has not preserved the name of this brilliant chef.Unlike pâté, baskets you can prepare for the future and fill them with a variety of appetizers, salads, pates.

What are tartlets

Mostly basket baked shortcrust or puff pastry.But this is not the unquestioned canon.Bake tartlets at home can also be from cheese, cottage cheese or fresh dough with sour cream or yogurt.There are also very original recipes baskets of red, black or white boiled rice, raw potatoes or mashed potatoes, rye bread.Tartlets are hot and cold;fresh, salty or sugary.In most cases, ready-made baskets stuffed with a variety of snacks - vegetables, fish, meat salads, pate, caviar.But there are also so-called complex tartlets.They baked basket with stuffed and served it with hot.These complex tartlets very hearty and quite substitute for a main course.On the great variety of fillings not worth mentioning: from the banal Olivier and ending glazed fruit or a filling.But the issue of fillers for the baskets, there are clear rules.They should at least touch passing.

What can and can not put in the baskets of dough

Before tartlets bake at home, you need to think about stuffing.Not any good to be put in the basket.Firstly, the size of the vote.Coarsely chopped salad vegetables, large pieces of meat or fish will look unaesthetic and constantly fall out of the tartlets.Second, the density of the filling rate.You're going to put it on the dough.If the filling is too thin (with ample dressing salads, boiled or stewed fish), it is impregnated a basket.Therefore tartlet not only lose its wonderful crunch, but it can and does collapse.The good will be stuffed cheese, seafood, pates.To ensure greater impermeability tartlets, they still warm smeared raw egg.If you plan to cold filling, bedplate baskets filled with a small amount of butter.Zhuleny should thicken well before making them filling for tartlets.Canned fruit spread in the basket should be just before serving.

basic recipe

It's time to learn how to bake tarts at home.Photos of some steps of the process can be found in this article.Sift through a sieve into a bowl cup flour.Add a pinch of salt.Very chilled butter (one hundred grams) chop or rub quickly to the flour.Mixed to obtain a coarse crumbs.Add the egg yolk.If sweet tartlets planned, it makes sense to mix it with a spoon of sugar.Gradually add a few tablespoons of water.You should get a cool shiny dough.Removes it for half an hour in the refrigerator.Then roll out the dough quickly into a thin layer.Shapers edges cut pieces.Puts the dough, we send in the refrigerator for another half hour.Preheat the oven to 220 degrees.At the bottom of tartlets pour peas, the dough is not swollen.Bake baskets for about a quarter hour.

Something about

tins in the market and can be purchased corrugated tin baskets artisanal work.They are cheap and you can buy them enough to stare at them the whole pan.However, when dealing with tin molds can cause serious problems.The dough can stick to the walls and the bottom tightly.A sand base - rather fragile thing.If you are thinking how to bake tarts at home, having a tin molds, you need to know a few secrets.Grease the bottom and sides, carefully working through all the corrugations, margarine, and then powder the flour.Now you can style your dough.Turn on the mold seam, press down by hand.Tin edge themselves cut out the circle.Now you only have to put him in shape.Prick several times with a fork and sprinkle peas.Ready tartlets need to give a little cool and then remove from the mold.But do not overdo, otherwise the product will stink tin.It is best to use a non-stick tins of metal or silicone.Then no margarine or flour is required.

How to Bake tartlets at home without molds

And what if at our disposal, no silicone, or even tin baskets?Maybe it should even give up the idea to prepare a festive tarts?Or surrender to the food and buy ready-made dough baskets (often tasteless and not crispy)?Do not hurry to get upset.If you know how to bake tarts at home without molds, you can prepare your own original baskets.Of what?Yes dough!Roll out in its formation.We work not with a rolling pin, a bottle filled with ice water - we need to cool the dough.We put on a layer of glass.Cut a circle.He put on a narrow glass.Presses.It turns out a small circle and a ring.Beat the egg in a bowl.In the oven, it works like glue.The lower edge of the ring dipped in egg and attach to the bottom of a mug.The result was a plate with borders.Baking with the product is installed in the refrigerator, and then send in a preheated oven.

How to Bake tartlets at home without molds puff pastry

To simplify matters, you can buy a ready-made base in a store.Thaw, roll.If you do not have molds, you can bake Vol au vent - large or small cake of puff pastry, and then to dump them by choice.But you can also try to give the article a basket.To bake the tartlets in the home, you need to cut a large circle, put it in the center of the bottom of the thin glass and form around the dough crimped bumpers.

Unconventional tartlets

Do not forget that at the disposal of the hosts and there is a wonderful product, as a foil.Aluminum layers can be in the presence of a knack to make plates whatever shape and size.And you can not use the test.How to bake tarts at home without flour based?Grate the potatoes, salt it.Cookie cutters metal foil or grease with vegetable oil.Ram raw potatoes, to get baskets.Put the stuffing in the center of requiring a short heat treatment.Bake in the oven at 240 degrees for 20-25 minutes.