How to clean the cache of Google Chrome and why.

spread of the Internet so rapidly that no longer exists about a single person who would not benefit from the opportunities provided by the Global Network.Some people sit out on the Internet hours on end, others go only once a week to read the mail ... Someone uses the information from the web exclusively for work, and who else, and entertainment ... Indeed, perhaps the sea, and their implementation is so multifaceted thata complete description of all the options hanging out in the Global network is not enough, and a few hundred pages.

As with any activity, work on the Internet implies that the user has a certain skill and knowledge.Knowledge of Internet technologies, as well as the ability to use the main tools for the network - Internet browser, is the main factor that affects the efficiency of a web resource as well as comfort in the preparation of entertainment content and ease of use of the computer in general.

Actually depth study of all the technical intricacies of computer networks in general, and in particular the Global Network, the average user is most often not required.But to know, for example, where to enter the URL of the page as a bookmark to do, how to clean the cache, etc.still needed.

In this article I want to talk about one of the fastest and most popular browsers today -Chrome, created the largest company in the field of Internet business - Google.Also below is a decision described the important question - how to clean the cache in the browser.

Google Chrome despite the fact that he is one of the newest browsers have gained widespread due to the speed of his work, constant innovation, and full integration with the most popular to date, search engine and provides its services.In addition, almost all users report ease of development of Chrome, as well as unparalleled ease of use in it.

Not all users know that while browsing the web with any browser, resource data automatically stored on the hard drive of your PC.This reduces the time required to load web pages.The data is stored in temporary files, which are called the browser cache.It is worth noting that these files must be periodically udalayat, that is, to know how to clean the cache on your computer.Here you will learn how to clean the cache in chrome.In general, recommendations for clearing your cache are similar for all browsers, so read the following terms, the question how to clear the cache in any browser will be obvious.Why do

needed cash?In it are stored video and audio fragments that looks and listens to the user, as well as elements of design (images, styles).This cache memory allows Web pages load faster, as part of the information is loaded from the hard disk of the PC, rather than from the server.

Each browser is inherent in the ability to save temporary files in the folder that is defined in advance.In most cases, the user direct access to this folder is restricted.That is why each browser manufacturers have provided a certain way to clear the cache.

So, how to clear the cache in Google Chrome.

To clear your cache, Google Chrome need to find on the browser toolbar icon wrench and click on it.Then, in the window that opens, select Tools, then - the item bearing the name "Clear browsing data".After selecting a dialog box in which you must mark the data to be deleted.In this case - Internet browser cache.To complete the procedure you need to clear the cache, press the "Delete browsing data."