German "Leopard" tanks, popular in many countries

main fighting machine in Germany is the "Leopard 2".Tank was created in 1979 and the current already has a few modifications.In the course of its development concept worked out a gun and missile.Defeated version of a classic instrument.German tank "Leopard" has in service around the world.Since the beginning of 3500 production was released armored vehicles.

tank design has a classic scheme.The management sector are: filtration system, and the driver of ammunition.

Ā«Leopard" - the tank with high performance.When designing the machine maximum attention paid to the creators of firepower.Question selection tools was very serious.Designers have long argued, choosing between 105 mm rifled gun smoothbore gun and 120 mm.The result is a smooth-bore weapons designers have set to "Leopard."Tank was the first car in the West, were armed with smooth-bore cannon 120 mm.

mounted on the machine welded triple tower, which houses the loader, gunner and commander.With the technology sector of the thread coupling barrel and breech done quick.It is one of the advantages of the combat vehicle "Leopard."Tank is a structure in which the gun is installed and removed via the recess, without dismantling the tower itself.The instrument is equipped with two symmetrical reliable compensators.The greatest strength, shock-absorbing roll back by firing guns, focused at the level of the tank.This is done in order to reduce the load to the tower.Because the weapon is heavy (about 4.3 tons), the negative impact of the shot on its accuracy is minimized.This is a big plus combat vehicle "Leopard."Tank on this index is considered one of the best in the world.

barrel of the gun is equipped with a thermal fiberglass casing.Closer to the breech to remove the powder gas ejector set.The inner surface of the receiver chrome gun.Her vitality - 500 shots.For the firing of guns used Subcaliber armor-piercing shell with a core of tungsten alloy (DM23) and fragmentation cumulative warhead (DM12).

Designers have provided a very robust chassis and motor part of the war machine, "Leopard."The tank is equipped with a V-shaped four-cylinder diesel engine in the 12 capacity of 1500 hp.This engine - the pre-set type, liquid-cooled, as well as two air coolers.They are included in the cooling system.Air mixture flows through the air vents, which are on the roof.

fire control system combat vehicle represented by the following components: a periscope sight, the system synchronization tools, the main laser and telescopic sights auxiliary analog ballistic computer system to control the functions of the JMA and the stabilizer arms.

Ā«Leopard 2" is a robust and powerful machine that can perform advanced combat missions.