Certification of products in Russia

term "certificate" in Latin means "done right".In the modern world, under market conditions, the subjects often have difficulty assessing the quality and reliability of its products.According to international experience, a tool that ensures compliance with high-quality component products all the requirements of this certification.Also, a set of activities carried out to verify the documentation, that the product meets the standards, codes, or other documentation.

Foreign firms are spending a lot of money on proving its consumers that their products - the highest quality.Sometimes these costs are comparable with the money that has been spent on achieving this level of product.Why is this happening?Because the certification of products is an effective means of promoting the development of trade and economic relations of the country, helping to promote the items issued to foreign and domestic market.It also allows you to assign them there for a long time.

Certification of products is an integral part

of protecting the market from unusable products.Safety, health and the environment have led to the need to establish the responsibility of the manufacturer, supplier, seller for putting into circulation of substandard products.In addition, there is a purpose to establish the mandatory minimum requirements relating to the properties of the products introduced into circulation.Responsibility spelled out in the law "On Protection of Consumer Rights" (Russia), the law "On the product liability" (Europe).Minimum performance requirements are related to a group of products or to individual properties of the goods, for example, certification of the means of communication.

To products ranked in the field of legal regulation was issued, must be an official confirmation of its compliance with the requirements of a third party.Government certification of products is carried out identification, certification, issue licenses and certificates, inspection control.Such organizations must be accredited by State Standard of Russia, confirming the right to perform the selected deyatelnosti.Provedenie certification can be either compulsory or voluntary.Mandatory definition of quality is proof of compliance with the requirements of the objects, which are established regulations.Its main objective - to protect consumers from poor-quality goods.In Russia, for this purpose, it was created "GOST R", approved by the State Standard.

Voluntary certification of products is carried out on the initiative of individuals and organizations on a contractual basis.Its purpose is to confirm the compliance of objects with standards, technical specifications, documentation.It is carried out voluntary certification bodies, which are included in the system.They can be formed by a legal entity registered mark of conformity in the State Standard.