"Mercury City": the tallest building in Moscow

Nowadays, the construction of high-rise buildings - it is a necessity.Becoming more and more urban area of ​​which does not allow them to place all residents and guests.For this reason, the building began to be erected higher and higher.Before the house height of 15 floors was a rarity.Many were afraid to live on his last floors.Today, these homes no one is surprised.

In most cases, building great height erected not only because of the need to provide those in need living space, but because of the desire to show their skills and to create a new architectural masterpiece that decorate the city.

Olympus Russian capital

tallest building in Moscow - "Mercury City Tower" - has 75 floors.This magnificent building, for which the building took six years and the cost of which amounted to more than 400 million rubles.The height of the "Mercury City Tower" is 338 meters.When planning the construction of the tallest building in Moscow was supposed to be the height of 380 meters, but due to limited resources, had to change the design solution.

Conquest Europe

«Mercury City" was awarded the title of "tallest building in Europe."It surpassed giants such as «The Shard» in the UK, "Sapphire" in Istanbul, the Commerzbank Tower in Frankfurt and many other grand buildings in the European region.


tallest building in Moscow is functionally divided into residential areas and shopping section.With the forty-second floor apartments start of class "luxury", and the last floors are available for finishing, but with expanded area of ​​modern communications and excellent views of the city.The complex has five underground floors, one of which is a parking lot.

Russian capital abounds with high-rise buildings, visually comparing which is difficult to determine the tallest building.In Moscow, a very responsible attitude to safety and reliability of buildings.We know that our capital is attracting a lot of attention not only to the inhabitants of Russia, but all over the world.For this reason, there is no question about whether demand accommodations that provide the highest building in Moscow.Some believe that only foreign businessmen, mainly from Japan and China wish to live on the upper floors, "Mercury City", and citizens of the Russian Federation will prefer areas that are not so high.This is just speculation, but if we talk about the real facts, we can say that the company "Sberbank Capital" has a right to part of the residential apartments.

Architects hope that the largest building in Moscow will be able to impress your guests, not only the external dimensions, but also the internal structure, comfort and modern design solutions.On this project we worked together Russian and American specialists, who perfectly managed to combine design decisions and preferences of different cultures.The result of this work exceeded all expectations.