How to make curls using the ironing - practical tips

Probably every girl in my life experienced such a moment, when in front of a solemn event, she had to sleep on the night curlers.Although, of course, it too loudly.Especially not in curlers must lie.Yes, in general, and does not even have a rest.As a result, polubessonnaya night leads to bags under the eyes, anxiety and irritation.Agree - the prospect of the feast is not very encouraging.But now there is an easier way!All owners of a miracle-irons (rectifiers) Hair dedicated!Today, it can be used to obtain not only a perfectly smooth hair, but also beautiful curls!Yes Yes!So how to make curls using ironing, today we'll talk.Since today is practically rectifiers each of the fair half of mankind, the topic is very relevant.

curls using the ironing.Photos of celebrities

so you can evaluate the result of this simple procedure, we have done this for you a small selection.As you can see, hair look great, and you do not need to torture yourself at night, twirling strands in curlers.

How to make curls using the ironing.Preparation

to get it just the way you have in mind, it is necessary to perform some preliminary operations.To begin wash your hair and dry completely.Use iron is wet or damp strands strictly prohibited.Otherwise, you run the risk of making them brittle, split and absolutely lifeless, like straw.Now put on your hair a special termosredstvo to protect them from the damaging effects of high temperatures.In addition, it will give the hair shine and provide additional fixation.While hair dry after the preparatory procedures, set to the correct ironing temperature - 160 degrees.If you have thin hair, it can be reduced to 110 degrees, and if, on the contrary - the thick, you can turn to 170-180 degrees.We now proceed directly to how to make curls using the ironing.

create curls

ironing Regulation should be perpendicular to your head.Try to keep it as close as possible to him, but so that you will not be burned.Work with rectifier in several ways.We will list them all, and you choose the most suitable for you personally.

1. Hold the ends of the hair, turn the styler 180 degrees.

2. Holding the lock, slowly move it down, constantly turning around.

3. Expand your straightener 180 degrees, slide down to the centimeter, then rotate, but the other way and pull back down.Proceed to the end of the strand.Tip: The slower you run the styler down the more elastic get your tresses.And to make curls using the ironing calm and smooth, pulling need faster.That's the whole secret.

Now you know how to do curls using the ironing, and can easily do it.At the end you need only a little to separate them using a comb with a few teeth and fix varnish.Now you can whirl in the mirror and appreciate the result of the work done.As you can see, it turned out very nicely, and the time was spent very little.