The healing and magical properties of stones: amber

gems - such a wonderful gift of nature, which can be enjoyed as well as the stars in the sky, flames of fire or running water.Our ancestors were known not only beauty, but also curative and magical properties of stones.Amber is one of them.That's it, we'll talk about in this article.

believed that in a very long time ago in the world were growing giant plants.Because of global warming, trees have been providing a huge amount of resin, which eventually turned to stone and still preserved in the territory of Ukraine, the Baltic Sea.So this mineral formed.

amber - solar stone, it has a resinous luster and one of the many natural colors: golden yellow, colorless, orange, and shades from red to black.Amber is completely or partially transparent.It may be present, air bubbles, particles leaves and even insects.This version is the most valuable.You can discover the gem in the form of negligent stones of different sizes.It consists of a resin, succinic acid, carbon and oils.Specifically, 11% oxygen, 10% hydrogen, 78% carbon and 1% of impurities.

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magical properties of stones: amber and connoisseurs

Ovid believed amber tears of Heliades, daughters of the sun, and that is how they explain the reasons for the radiation of heat and light and delicious aroma when burning.In ancient times, the Italians of this material created Christmas gifts in the form of different fruits or animals.Yet amber beads were made.In the East, and in Russia it was decided to put on the bride amber jewelry.It was believed that this relic will give the newlyweds happiness and longevity.The most famous work - the Amber Room (room), made for the Prussian King Frederick the First master Gottfried Tussauds.Son of Frederick the First gave it our king - Peter the Great.Unfortunately, such a treasure could not be saved: during the Second World War, he was kidnapped from the palace of Catherine the Germans.Since it was not possible to find anything.

healing and magical properties of stones: amber

Viewed stone-healer is able to help with heart and respiratory diseases, migraines, angina, nearsightedness, eye diseases.He "repels" kidney and liver.It is believed that this mineral is able to facilitate the birth of a pregnant woman who wears it.The value of amber stone today is great and for the church.It is used for sacred ceremonies.

Amber oil is used for colds, dizziness, inflammation, bleeding, and women's diseases.Previously, crushed stone sunny tincture made of various drugs and even ingested to treat diseases.

It is believed that in addition to the medicinal and magical properties there are stones.Amber is not deprived of this feature is a very powerful symbol of the sun, health, prosperity and love.It was believed that it protects against the dark spirits and the evil eye.Gem can become a talisman for those people who want to learn the secrets of the past, that is, archaeologists, anthropologists, teachers and experts in history.Ornaments from solar stone suit any signs of the zodiac with the exception of the bulls.