How to cook at home the coffee body scrub

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Cleansing is necessary not only our bodies, but also, of course, the skin.After all, in order to keep the body young, healthy, well-groomed and beautiful, some physical exertion will be small.The most effective cleaning agent is a scrub that gently removes horny skin epithelium, sebaceous isolation and accumulated dirt.Also, body scrub helps to eliminate toxins and improves circulation.After using the skin better absorb moisturizers and looks revitalized.

is why cosmetologists all over the world strongly recommend not only to women but also to men this gentle treatments for your skin.And not necessarily for this to visit beauty salons, or buy expensive funds with various chemical additives, after peeling can be done at home, using the means at hand.Moreover, domestic cosmetics much more useful and efficient.In this article you will learn a lot of interesting, and most importantly - how to cook a "delicious" Scrub your hands.

need for single use: 10 grams.ground coffee, 30 g.natural yoghurt (available olive oil), and the same fatty cream.These components mix well until smooth, apply on the body and massage to go through all parts of the body (without affecting the head and private parts).This body scrub for oily skin prone to.It is not recommended to use it at too sensitive and dry skin.

Cellulite Body Scrub (14 days course): half a cup of organic coffee, 10-15 drops of essential oils (a choice: cinnamon, cypress, eucalyptus, orange, bergamot, juniper, rosemary, grapefruit), 10 g.Olive oil, massage mitten.The resulting mass of fragrant rub into the skin pre-steamed.The tool to use at least 2 times a week.The effect will be noticeable on the 7th day of application, especially if the mask used in combination with massage.

coffee body scrub burning fat: 10 gr.ground coffee, 10 g.cocoa powder, 5 drops of cinnamon (available essential oil), some water and olive oil for softness.Apply to cleansed skin peeling from the bottom up with fingertips.Means must be rubbed into the problem areas and gently massage for better results.It is highly effective scrub, helps burn excess fat.


  1. Body Scrub should be applied only after a bath.
  2. is advisable after peeling to apply moisturizing lotion on the body.
  3. Too oily skin peeling is done 2 times a week, with a dry - once in 8 days, while normal - every 7 days.Too frequent cleaning may change the water-salt balance.
  4. peeling contraindicated in inflammatory processes and skin lesions.
  5. Homemade cosmetic product stored in the refrigerator in a tightly sealed glass jar, about three weeks.But if it contains the essential oils, then it can not be stored for more than three days.

All of the above recipes are well smoothes the skin, leaving it supple, elastic and fresh.The main advantages of home scrubs - the content of natural ingredients that are not harmful to the body as a whole.