How and what to treat candidiasis in men?

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Candidiasis - pervasive disease caused by fungi, which belong to the genus Candida.It affects both children and adults, regardless of gender.Mainly manifested in the skin and mucous membranes.

There worn and clearly expressed benign types: oral candidiasis and throat, skin, genitals, rectal mucosa in the area of ​​the anus.There are also severe forms of the disease with a poor prognosis.This system lesions of various organs and tissues: lung, esophagus, stomach, intestines, kidneys, and others. Leading to sepsis.

most commonly observed clinical forms with surface lesions in the genital area.When it comes to candidiasis in men, usually mean a disease of the urogenital tract, which is called thrush.At the first signs of the said illness should immediately consult a doctor, a urologist.Only a doctor will tell you how and what to treat candidiasis in men.Thrush is not so harmless as many people think: undertreated disease is dangerous because it can become chronic, and then the recovery is not guaranteed.

candidiasis in men.Symptoms

Thrush in men can be manifested in several diseases: balanitis (balanoposthitis), urethritis, cystitis.

Balanitis - is the most common form of male urogenital candidiasis, which is characterized by inflammation of the glans penis.As a rule, combined with the defeat of the foreskin (balanoposthitis).

There are three clinical forms of the disease:

  • with the formation of ulcers, bubbles, red spots, plenochek;

  • appearance of lesions in the form of eczema and mottled scaly pockets of congestion;

  • defeat inguinal and femoral muscle-folds, and perianal area.

The first process involves the head and the foreskin, then the skin of the penis, then - the groin, and in the last instance - the scrotum.There

light head swelling and infiltration of the skin of the foreskin.In the phase change can be detected gray-whitish coating, under which - erosive red surface.At the head - small sores on the foreskin - whitish plaque and cracks on the edge.Inflammation is accompanied by pain, burning and itching.When erased form is observed only hyperemia coronal sulcus and the accumulation of the masses in the form of white powder under the foreskin.In addition, the appearance of small papules and erosions.

Another sign of yeast infection in men - is Candida urethritis or inflammation of the urethra.It is characterized by pain during intercourse and urination, as well as thick white mucous discharge from the urethra.

Candidiasis in men may manifest cystitis - inflammation of the bladder.At the same time, patients complain of frequent urination, pain and heaviness in the area.Urine usually turbid, sometimes mixed with blood.

candidiasis in men.How to treat?

There are a lot of preparations for internal and topical application.This may be tablets and capsules, as well as creams, ointments, mash, solutions.What was the scheme and how to treat candidiasis in men, the physician must determine.Treatment depends on the type of disease.Self-medication is not recommended.

Than to treat candidiasis in men in the acute form?

When balanoposthitis usually use local funds in the form of a cream with clotrimazole.It must be applied thinly on the glans and foreskin week twice daily.In some cases, appoint "Fluconazole" ("Flucostat") inside - 150 mg dose.

To enhance the effect prescribed fortifying agents (vitamins) and immunomodulatory drugs as candidiasis commonly occur in immunodeficient states and with the weakening of the body's defenses.

Than to treat candidiasis in men in the chronic form?

Typically, acute disease can be treated quickly, and symptoms disappear after a few days.For this reason many stop treatment prematurely, and thus make a big mistake.The fact that not finished the cure candidiasis soon returned and gradually becomes chronic, which is difficult to get rid of.The reason may be the lack of dosage and duration of the course, an individual insensitive to antifungal drugs.Usually, chronic yeast infection is treated for several months, with the prescribed drugs in and the local media.If candidiasis in men escalates four times a year, it can be offered such a scheme: 100 mg "Fluconazole" ("fljukostat") orally once a week for several months.Again: to self-medicate is highly undesirable!

When thrush is important to follow a special diet.It is recommended to completely eliminate mold cheeses, sweet yeast pastries, bread.You need to eat live yogurt, hot pepper, grapefruit, garlic, cranberries.