As in "maynkraft" tame ocelot and why?

Play "Maynkraft" Alone sad.So many gamers are seeking to ensure that their own to find yourself a pet, which could embellish everyday existence.And in this case, you have a pretty wide selection.You can tame sheep, to use them in the household.You can also opt for a horse, since it will be able to move much faster.Tamed wolves will turn into a dog, and will guard your home or travel with you, helping in fights.But what will the ocelot?And whether it is possible to tame it, turning it into a house cat?This is what will be discussed in the article.You will learn how to "maynkraft" tame ocelot how to detect it and how to use.

Searches ocelot

Ocelot - a wild cat, which is the sole representative of the breed of the cat in "maynkraft."They are a bit hard to find and observe, because they like to hide in the grass and very fast moving, so if you saw ocelot - a real success.However, you face a serious problem - you have to learn how to "maynkraft" tame ocelot.This process will require from you a lot of time and effort, but we can safely say that this creature can be turned into a domestic cat, so that myths about the fatal savagery ocelot are only myths, they do not have any grain of truth.But before you can learn how to "maynkraft" tame ocelot, you need to find it.They live exclusively in the jungle, so that you can greatly reduce the search area.Its time they spend in the tall grass or the trees, so that notice ocelot is quite difficult.Therefore, you need some guidance, primary among which are the feathers and bones.It is these objects start dropping out of the hen that eats and ocelot, so if you see on the ground feathers and bones, it means that the next live ocelot.You can also pay attention to the Creeper, because they are terrified of these animals.If you run through by the creeper, not paying attention to you, you in the opposite direction - where you can learn how to "maynkraft" tame ocelot.


process of domestication ocelot is no less complicated than his quest.Firstly, if you want to learn how to "maynkraft" tame ocelot, you will need to stock up an impressive amount of fresh fish.When you discover where the ocelot, you will need to approach it slowly, but not too close - these animals are very shy.Stop and sit down, taking in hand a fish - the ocelot and begin to notice it to you slowly approach.It is very important to sit still, not to change things and do not even touch your inventory.When ocelot approach, he sits next to you, and then you can proceed with its feeding.Ocelot eat fish - and with 40% probability will house cat.This would indicate a collar around his neck.If this does not happen - continue feeding - the only way to tame ocelot."Maynkraft" - a game in which everyone has their own way of animal domestication, but all are based on feeding.

What makes a cat?

If you were successful in your game Minecraft Ocelot has become a domestic cat.And now you need to understand what it can.Unlike other animals, ocelot almost useless - it serves as decoration, in fact, like a cat in real life.Ocelot begins to jump on the bed and likes to sleep on the stove.However, it can be of some benefit to receive.

Ocelots and Creeper

As you know, Creeper terrified ocelots, and when they see these animals begin to run.You can use it, taking your cat to the area, which did not dare to come out of the abundance Creeper there.