How to make a plate in "maynkraft": guide

Playing a long time in "Maynkraft" start to think about where it's going?If you do not develop without coming up with new recipes, the game becomes boring.It is in order to diversify the gameplay, and introduced such a thing as a plate.


More precisely, only one.If you are thinking how to make the dish in the "maynkraft", a particularly strain is not necessary.You need only to chop more wood in the truest sense of the expression.Choose the most suitable tree that you like (or dislike), armed with an ax - and forward, to play "woodcutter simulator."If we talk about the production of the plates from the ground, then you need only two block of wood from which to make the bench and, in fact, a plate (bowl).


So, how to make a bowl in "maynkraft"?Proceed to the following steps:

  1. cut down a tree.
  2. In inventory, made up of two blocks of wood blocks of 8 boards.
  3. bench crafted from four boards.
  4. Create a plate.To do this, place the board in the following way: the central line in place of the board 1 and 3 cells.The bottom line in the central slot - another board.

So you had to have three plates.By the way, if you see in your version of the game items such as a bowl or cup, do not worry.It is one and the same thing, just there are some differences depending on the translation.


think about how to make a dish in the "maynkraft", have you decided how to use it?What is it for?There are several ways of using it, which can offer us "Maynkraft."How to make the plate, we understand, so now let's use it for other purposes.

There are only two dishes that use the cup.By the way, it is necessary to mention that ready meals are not formed in one cell.Therefore, the ingredients, until consumption, better to keep everyone separate.

  1. Stewed mushrooms.This dish is made of two types of mushrooms - red and brown.To create it, put on a workbench (sorry, that did not enter the plate) ingredients in the following order.In the central column, from top to bottom, and a cup fungi.Ready delicacy restores up to three units of hunger (satiety).
  2. stewed rabbit.This exquisite recipe will require you a lot more materials.
  • First, roast rabbit, which roasts in the oven raw rabbit meat falling from rabbits to death.
  • Vegetables.Baked potatoes and carrots.Potatoes and baked in the oven.
  • Any mushrooms.Red or brown.

To prepare the ingredients, place on the bench as follows.In the central cell of the upper row, place the rabbit.In the central line: mushrooms - potato - carrot.In the middle of the bottom - a bowl.The dish is ready.

With the introduction of such creatures as the cow mushroom, it was possible to collect mushrooms from them.To do this, grab a bowl, approach the animal and push the right mouse button.So you just get stewed mushrooms.


Sometimes, talking about the "plate", people have in mind is not quite cutlery.There is one more thing we can offer modified "Maynkraft" - a flying saucer.There are various modes by setting that you will think about how to make a dish in the "maynkraft", but not for food, but in order to move on it.Amateur modification can enter into play frisbee as a means of transportation.

Another interesting option - the construction of UFOs.Either install your version of the game cards with ready "aliens."But this is nothing more than a member of the entourage.These "plates" are of the same blocks as the surface itself.So, do not read the inscription: "Here saucer aliens. You need to scout her" - you would never have guessed yourself, what is at stake, and would take her for a bizarre whim of nature, or the machinations of herobrin.