How to check the video card

Gone are the days when the computer graphics card is a component whose main task is just the transformation commands in the PC control signal circuit of the display.Now transfer the image although it remains the prerogative of the video, he acquired various additional features.Thus placed on the map of special graphics processor builds three-dimensional images, processing them, many of the basic functions of display images become faster, relieving the central processing unit of the routine tasks, and so forth.

Obviously, on the processing power of the GPU and its features dependsthe final performance of the entire video system.Not surprisingly, the need to know how to check the video card.This is especially important when selecting the graphic solution, just before visiting the store.On many forums with recommendations how to check the video card.Following it allows:

- learn performance graphics processor and its capabilities;

- compare the result with the other;

- to determine what is the "weakest link" - graphics card or other components of the system unit.

desire to check the video card sooner or later visiting each owner or laptop computer.Reasons for this variety.One man seeks new knowledge, searching for information on how to check the video card.Another important to determine the performance index for comparison with alternative solutions.But the third decides to test the graphics card to make sure it is fully suitable for modern three-dimensional applications.There may also be specific tasks, such as troubleshooting.

in how to check the video card, there is nothing difficult.There are several programs for testing.One of the most popular - is a package from the company 3DMark Futuremark.This program is in several versions: Free, which uses only the basic functions without the possibility of changes in the parameters, and commercial, to provide additional opportunities.Moreover, also different versions.In most cases, it makes no sense to use a version of the past, because the results are not very applicable to modern realities.The result of the 3DMark is the index by which to judge performance.The value above the map faster.Also, you can visually estimate the speed of its operation in the current three-dimensional applications.

need for such a test system is Windows, the 3DMark correct version installed library DirectX, current driver on the video card.It is worth noting that during the test increases the load on the video processor, so that its temperature increases.

But if the goal is to obtain 3DMark performance index, check the map for errors in the program, you can use ATI Tool (works with NVidia cards and AMD).It creates a high load on the GPU computing units quickly detects possible malfunction.For example, the appearance of squares, strips or dots may indicate a lack of cooling performance or the famous "blade chip".