Tauride province.

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Tauride province is an administrative and territorial unit of the Russian Empire and lasted from 1802 to 1921.Center Speakers city Simferopol.After joining Russia and wise reforms of Catherine the Great there was a significant rise in all spheres of life.Turkey, seeing the progress and prosperity of the Crimea, want to regain control of the peninsula, but was defeated.As a result of these events, Russia to further increase its influence in the Crimea, as well as strengthen the power not only over the Black and Azov seas, but over the Bosporus and Dardanelles.

Crimea goes to Russia

In 1784, January 8, the act was signed between the Turkish state and the Russian side.This was an important historical event.This act states that the Crimea will be annexed to Russia.However, this event did not become news.Crimean fate was sealed even during the Russian-Turkish war, which lasted from 1768 to 1774.According to the peace treaty of Crimea become independent.Turkey no longer had influence on these territories.Russia also received Kerch and the possibility of movement on the Black and Azov Seas.

By decree of Catherine II Crimean Murza (Tatar aristocrats) have acquired the status of the Russian nobility.They kept their territory, but did not get the right to own serfs, who were Russian.With this decree the greater part of the nobility went over to the Russian.The imperial treasury replenished income and lands of the Crimean Khan.All Russian prisoners who were in the Crimea, gained their freedom.

Education Tauride province

Tauride province was formed as a result of the separation of Novorossiysk, which happened in 1802.Then one of the three parts department became part of Tauris.Tauride province was divided into 7 districts:

  • Yevpatoriya;
  • Simferopol;
  • Melitopol;
  • Dnieper;
  • Perekopsky;
  • Tmutarakan;
  • Feodosia.

In 1820 county Tmutarakan departed and became part of the area of ​​the Black Sea troops.In 1838, Yalta was formed, and in 1843 - Berdyansk county.By the early twentieth century in the Tauride province city government, there were 2 and 8 counties.According to the 1987 Census, the city of Simferopol was the third largest (141 717 people).

Changes in Crimea

In 1784 there is the city of Sevastopol, which is the base for the Russian fleet.Nikolayev and Kherson were formed.In the latter it comes to the construction of the first ships of the Black Sea Fleet.To increase the population of the city of Kherson, Sevastopol and Feodosiya are declared open.These foreigners can freely enter, live and work here.On request, they could even become Russian citizens.

The next year was to eliminate tariffs in all Crimean ports (for 5 years).This resulted in a significant increase in turnover.Former poor Crimean territory became prosperous and developing land.There significantly raise farming and winemaking.Crimea became the largest naval base in the Russian Navy.As a result, the population grows significantly Tauris.

Requirements Turkey

In 1787, the Turkish side demands the restoration of vassalage of the peninsula, and also wants to inspect Russian ships going through the Bosphorus and Dardanelles.Her support of Prussia, France and England.Russia sends a refusal to these requirements.In the same year, Turkey declared war and was defeated in an attack on Russian ships.This attacker had numerical superiority.Russian army takes Anapa, Ishmael, Ochakov.Suvorov's troops routed the Turks finally.Forward Country did not expect this turn of events - she had to sign the Treaty of Jassy.With this document the Russian Empire enshrines the rights of the Crimea and the northern Black Sea coast.She unequivocally owned the whole Tauride province.The map shows the boundaries of the region.Its territory exciting modern land of Ukraine.

Tauride province Census 1897

In 1897, a census was conducted in all 10 districts of the province.Crimea has always been the territory of a multi-ethnic population.Census data indicate that the majority of residents said the Little Russian (Ukrainian) language.The second most popular was the Great Russian language.It further noted the spread of the Crimean Tatar, Bulgarian, German, Jewish, Greek and other languages.The total number of residents of the Province amounted to nearly 1.5 million.The 6 districts of the Russian population prevailed: in Kerch, Simferopol, Sevastopol, Evpatoria, Dzhankoy, Feodosiya.In Balaklava slightly more than half of the population turned out to be Greek-speaking.Also, a lot of people of a given nationality resident in the Old Crimea.

Tauride province existed for more than a century, it wanted to take over the territory of other states, but the Russian Empire finally consolidated its influence in these lands.