Vladimir Monomakh - historical portrait of the Grand Duke of Kiev

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In the history of Kievan Rus have rulers who are remembered in different ways.Someone more diplomatically knowledgeable, someone best general of his time.Monomakh, perhaps, it combines two of the best quality.Vladimir Monomakh, a brief historical portrait that could be considered in this article, will forever remain in the history of Kievan Rus as a great ruler.

childhood and the beginning of the reign of Vladimir Monomakh

From childhood Monomakh has been filed for his father Vsevolod Yaroslavich.He led part of the army, carried with him hiking and fought along with other soldiers.Vladimir Monomakh briefly, accurately and skillfully cope with the orders, which are assigned to a father.

In 1076 he participated in the campaign against the Czechs.This campaign was successful.Activities him personally and his father was so successful that in 1078 his father became the Prince of Kiev.Vladimir Monomakh seated at this time in Chernigov.He had repeatedly beat the Polovtsian raids and protect the boundaries of their ancestral lands.When in the history books recall the Vladimir Monomakh, a historical portrait of his ability to resist is complementary to external aggression.

After the death of his father, and he could take the throne of Kiev, but willingly gave it to his brother Svyatopolk.He said that if he will sit on the throne of Kiev, he will have to fight with his brother.Vladimir Monomakh did not want it.

Monomakh - Grand Prince of Kiev

In 1113 an event occurred that changed the political aspect of the internal structure of the Kievan Rus.The Grand Duke of Kiev Svyatopolk Monomakh brother died.When in school textbooks recalls Vladimir Monomakh, a historical portrait of him in this period vividly described.Authors often say that it is a prince of Kiev was needed at this difficult time.And Monomakh sent to Kiev.

In Kiev, at this moment begins a popular uprising, Boyar nobility does not know what to do next.They turned their eyes towards the Vladimir Monomakh, who at this moment the rules in Chernigov.They invited him to reign, and he agreed.

First Monomakh suppressed the uprising and established peace in Kiev.

He created the "Charter of Vladimir Monomakh", which softened the penalties for various infractions of the population."Charter" became part of the "Russian Truth" Yaroslav the Wise.

The reign of Monomakh - is to strengthen the power of Kievan Rus.Vladimir, like his distant predecessor Svyatoslav, planted on specific land rights of its sons who trust.This allowed him to control more than 75% of the lands of Kievan Rus.

in 1117 under the rule of Vladimir Monomakh was created second edition of "The Tale of Bygone Years".That she has reached our days.

war against Lzhediogena 2

In the XII century during the reign of Monomakh clashed with Byzantium.

In 1114 in Byzantium appeared impostor who pretended to be killed by the son of the Byzantine Emperor.His name was originally Lzhediogen 2. Vladimir Monomakh strongly pretended that "recognizes" and believes that he is a true son of Roman 4. He even gave him marry his daughter Mary, with a view to peace between the Byzantine Empire and Kievan Rus.

However, in 1116 Vladimir Monomakh is a campaign against Byzantium.The reason - return the throne rightful prince.Vladimir Monomakh did not act independently, but with Polovtsy, who were interested in the wealth of fabulous Byzantine Empire at the time.

Vladimir Monomakh easily able to capture the city, which was under the control of the Byzantine Empire.He did not stop there and went into the country.Lzhediogen 2 was killed and between Byzantium and Kievan Rus in 1123 the armistice was signed.The result - a dynastic marriage granddaughter of Vladimir Monomakh the new Byzantine emperor.He became the emperor was due to the fact that Vladimir Monomakh Polovtsy was able to defeat and kill Lzhediogena 2.

«Instructions for Children»

Vladimir Monomakh remember us not only as a legislator, diplomat and military, but also as a writer.

In his literary heritage has 4 pieces: "Instruction of Vladimir Monomakh", "Ways and catches", "Letter to his brother Oleg", "Charter Vladimir Vsevolod."

most vivid and memorable work of Vladimir Monomakh - is "Instructions for Children".

name speaks for itself.Grand Prince of Kiev realized that his time is coming to an end.He can not rule forever, even if I wanted it.He decides that it is necessary to leave to their heirs "last word" in which he will talk about the principles of governance and the advantages of living in a world without war.

He asked his children not to go at each other, not to make war and live in understanding.They were faithful and wise words of a man who had seen war and peace.Peace and understanding in the family and the state he seemed far preferable to war.

However, his "Instruction" has not been implemented.After Vladimir's death, his sons began a fierce war for the throne of Kiev.But Vladimir Monomakh, historical portrait which was quite different this time, goes to the eternal rest.


reign of Vladimir Monomakh in the history of Kievan Rus - a significant figure, which has repeatedly set an example to other princes successor.

He managed to combine the ability to fight, time to stop and appreciate the peace in the state.Despite its militancy and external trips, Vladimir Monomakh, are most willing to border Kievan Rus remained intact.

As mentioned in the history books, Vladimir Monomakh, historical portrait, and his name is remembered only as a glorification of wisdom in Russia.