Bathroom and its functionality

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course, bathroom furniture becomes an important element in the room, details can be found here.But above all, it is sanitary ware determines how much room would be convenient and comfortable for everyday use.

copper and steel pipes: the advantages and disadvantages

Currently, these are the main materials used in the planning of water supply for the bathroom.One of the most time consuming and expensive to install copper materials considered.Radial press fit and solder advantageously obtained permanent link copper pipes in order to use them for domestic needs.These technologies are always high demands, and indeed the soldering process is more complicated than other options.To pipe is not flowing, it requires high qualification of the people who are engaged in it.It is much easier to collect such a thing as cabinet for the bathroom. simple process seems Pressing but

It is only at first glance.In the compounds need to use a special O-rings do not do without the rather expensive tool.

What about steel?

on the thread, allowing the possibility of dismantling or one-piece welded connecting pipes made of steel.Currently, often by welding a threaded refuse.This is due to the fact that the reliability is poor, as well as the aesthetic component of the process.Thus the quality of the weld depends on how professional welder itself.

PVC and plastic pipes, especially

heat stabilized polyethylene PE-RT, cross-linked polyethylene and polypropylene - materials that can be attributed to the varieties of plastic.PE-RT- or PE-X - pipe with aluminum layer - that a metal-plastic understand ordinary buyers.There are pipes that perform exactly the same functions, but in a design which is not aluminum.

apparent ease of installation and relatively low cost - the main advantages that make polypropylene widespread.Here, the main problem is that it is not visible when a soldered connection of poor quality.At the slightest mistake the water flow can be blocked at all.Connection pipes XLPE by axial pressing is today considered the most popular.It is this design allows you to visually keep track of how well connected properly.