The most common syntax errors

Everyone knows that some people are blessed with so-called "congenital literacy," and they successfully avoid grammatical errors.While others have to remember a set of rules to improve their writing.However, syntax errors, examples of which often can be seen even in the newspapers or on the television announcers speech, with the same frequency as the allowed ones and others.

This can be explained by the fact that the rules of syntax are the most difficult to understand.Therefore, they have to remember.Below we present the most common syntax errors.And maybe it will help you avoid them in the future.

The most common syntax errors arise from the omission of standards harmonization and management.These include the wrong choice of case-managed speech and misuse of prepositions ("fare" instead of "to pay the fare," "laugh about the joke" instead of "laughing at a joke," etc.).Also, syntax errors are often found in the proposals with the design, "those who ...", for example: "Those who know the rules, write it properly" (right: "Those who know the rules, write it right").Here the first verb refers to the word "who" and the second - to the word "those" that creates confusion.

frequent and syntax errors in accordance implicated turnover to the main to his word (example: "on the table, brought from Italy" - the right to be "had been brought"), as well as the introduction into circulation of other parts of the sentence ("I saw writtenanother letter "instead of" I saw a letter written by another ").

verbal participle phrases used in the most common syntax errors associated with the person conducting the action.For example, "passing by the store, my eyes jumped sign" instead of "passing by the store, I saw the sign."Action verbal participle phrases always refers to the same person as the one expressed by the predicate.

Syntax errors in the use of similar terms in some cases can be attributed to the semantic.They include a combination of non-uniform concepts ("cold table or green"), the introduction of a member that does not meet the key word ("he was surrounded by care and assistance" - can not be used to surround).

Syntax errors in the construction of complex sentences related to the shift of attention from one part to another, and the inability to keep in mind the complete structure.These include the use of several similar paranasal row ("I saw the letter, which wrote a friend of mine who lives in Spain").This can be avoided by introducing a participial phrase ("I saw a letter written by my friend who lives in Spain").

We reviewed the main types of syntax errors, and we can say that most of them are admitted due to omissions links between different parts of the sentence.To prevent them simply to pay attention to all the designs and their coordination with each other.It is also worth to remember the most common syntax errors in the future to be able to recognize them.If you follow these rules, even the most complex designs will not be able to put you in a dead end.