Pronouncing parsing words

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When a child goes to school, some parents are simply unable to help him with home building, because they themselves a long time ago in school and have not remember much.In this article, we will focus on how to help your child make the analysis of pronouncing any words.To begin with let us recall what is orthoepy?

Orthoepy - the science of pronunciation.Pronouncing analysis - this analysis features of the pronunciation of words.

In Russian set a specific pronunciation of certain sounds that do not match their writing into force of certain rules.Let's look at them.

most important rules of pronunciation of literary words:

1. Word to , that is pronounced ( shtoby) , ( INTO) , word rain and rain is pronounced (dozhzhen) (dosch).

2. When combining a number of consonants - tb, the ACC STN - one of the sounds are not pronounced.For example, ( conductive SL ivaya) , ( le CH ICA) , ( se RC e) .

3. Combining CHN pronounce some words like shek ( Cane ShN on) , ( skvore

ShN IR) , ( Yai ShN ICA) , and write - Of course, birdhouse eggs .But in most word combination CHN pronounced in accordance with the writing: holiday, juicy, river .

4. At the end of words instead of sound Mr. hear to : ( By Drew), ( PLC K), ([ lu R) and write - friend, plow, meadow.

5. Paired voiced consonants, standing in the middle of a word before voiceless consonants, pronounced paired voiceless consonants: ( ku P), ( gris R) and write - cube mushroom .

6. End -tsya, -tsya is pronounced - CCA ( old CC A) , [( abavlya CC A) , ( ICA CC A) , end- it th is pronounced - Ivo -ava ( firefly ABA) (Chivo) (Cavo).

7. consonants Deaf ozvonchayutsya if facing voiced consonants (eGzameny) (koZba) (fuDbolist).

8. After sibilance Well, w and consonant vowel u instead e noises average between (e) and (s) - (zhYelayu).

9. Before hissing g, h, w consonants c, s is pronounced long hissing (F burned) , (F roasted) , ( Be Learn global living) .At the beginning of a word MF sounds like hissing u : (u astlivy) , (u a) , (u itannye) , and write - happy account, a few .

10. Letters e, e write just as pronounced, if they are in the beginning of the word ( it goes, the experiment ).

11. If vowels e, i are not under the stress, they recite as a sound close to the vowel and : ( d And sleep) , ( d And m -thermal) , ( in And Network) .

12. vowels of pronounced like the sound close to and, if it is in an unstressed position: ( m A l to A) , ( in And yes) ,( Mr. A Seeley) .

13. Vowels on and , standing beyond the accent, pronounced sound attenuation (a): (Camara), (sAmAvar).Vowels facing a pronounced accent, as well as write, gray, converge, Cosima.

14. The Russian foreign words and double consonants is pronounced without doubling: Russian, Belarusian, neat , except: manna, bath .

15. After a sizzling w, y, w , pronounced and, uh , but write e: iron, wool, solid.

16. In foreign words after soft consonants write and pronounce the letter e : Colosseum, the dean's office, the manner , and after a vowel or consonant and write e , but pronounced e : coffee, dietatelier .Exception: Peer mayor, sir .In other cases, after vowels write and pronounce the letter e : maestro poetic silhouette. Exception: project .

analysis pronouncing words should be carried out as follows:

1. Read it.Think about whether it can sound different.

2. In pronouncing dictionary look, how to pronounce the word.

3. Say it correctly.(In the event that you need to spend a written examination, write a word with notes (the notes) accent and pronunciation.)

pronouncing analysis - examples:

- Zaba'vnee - stress falls only on the second syllable;
- yay 'CHN Itza (SHN) ;
- scarf '(ne') - neskl, noun.

Phonetic analysis - the definition of the number of letters and sounds in a word, as well as characteristics of all sounds.

If the pronunciation of a word or statement of stress can make a mistake, you do pronouncing parsing, and if you want to characterize all the sounds and letters, then phonetic analysis of words.The Russian language is impossible without a well-known study of its important sections as orthoepy and phonetics.