Charms on a bed

Recently, much attention is paid to the study of child development in the early years of his life.It is believed that this period is decisive for the entire future life.That is how a person develops at the beginning of his career, determines the skills, abilities, character, mental ability in adulthood.

So how can we develop a new baby?

In the early period of life the child hears, the visual and tactile senses objects.Therefore, the main emphasis should be placed on the development of hearing, sight and touch.

As is known, the range of sounds perceived by the baby is much wider than that of an adult.Studies show that a child is not just to hear the sound, it reacts emotionally to music.It is therefore necessary to carefully select music for the baby, and, most importantly, ensure the quality of the sound picked up the melody.

Regarding the visual perception of the world there is a huge number of newborn viewpoints.Someone thinks that the baby in the first months of life is almost does not see, others hold the view that sees the newborn, but the clarity of visual images is reduced depending on the distance at which the object is in relation to the child, etc.Whatever it was, all agree that it is necessary to stimulate the baby's visual activity.

How to provide quality comprehensive development of the newborn?What devices will help to diversify and to send the right track baby's life?

for a long time and to this day suspension on baby crib is the most necessary and indispensable element in the development of the baby from the ground up to 6-8 months.Of course, over the years it has improved the design of such devices, and greatly expanded functionality.

A variety of children's products allows everyone to find the children's suspension (mobility) in accordance with their tastes and preferences and at the same time leads to confusion parents.

's try to systematize data on hangers on a bed.

main types of suspensions in the crib:

• Suspension on the bed without mechanisms;• Suspension on a bed with a rotation mechanism hanging toys, sound effects (children's mobiles mechanical);• Suspension on a cot on the batteries with the function of rotation hanging toys, sound effects, a built-in night light (baby mobiles, electronic).

Charms on a bed without mechanisms

The first type of suspensions are suspension in the form of bright toys (textile and plastic), which are hung on the bed, usually with clips.Pendants are the constituent elements of which have different effects: rustling, vibration, beep, etc., Which are driven by the child by touching, pressing, etc.

Such suspension primitive, but they needed a child in the very first stages of development.The child begins to tactile familiarity with his little crib.It is at this stage, such a simple children's suspension to children beds will guide in the real world.They develop the first tactile sensations and sounds uncomplicated suspension will help to shape the baby's ear.

Baby mobiles mechanical

Mobili mechanical - a unique karuselkah on a bed operated by clockwork.

Benefits childhood mechanical mobiles:

• Compared with conventional suspension to children beds, children's mechanical mobiles reproduce the melody.This is an important addition, because the baby is enhanced musical and emotional perception of the space;• Mobiles are moving part with orbiting fun toys that focus on the baby's eyes and develop his visual perception;• Children's mechanical mobiles have a price advantage over electronic mobile.Price is often different in the two and a half times.

children Disadvantages mechanical mobiles:

• The mechanism of mechanical car shown children need to start every two or three minutes;• The mechanical mobil no nightlight;• The quality of music being played in such mobil much lower than in children mobil e.

Baby mobiles electronic

Mobili e - a device with hanging toys, moving in a circle to the sound of music, actuated by means of buttons and remote.

advantages of electronic children's mobiles:

• The sound quality in such mobil much higher than mechanical;• As a rule, these mobiles integrated nightlight;• Children's electronic mobiles are operated via buttons and remote control, which greatly facilitates the use of the device in everyday life.

Deficiencies in these children's mobiles are absent.

most recognizable among electronic mobiles - children's musical mobiles Tiny Love.These mobiles have a strong functional component and an interesting design.In addition to the bright fun hanging toys in the form of small animals, birds and so on., Which rotate to the music and stimulate the activity of the visual child, mobiles are equipped with night-light, which can be used independently of the other components of the device.

most important function mobiles - it's playing a few tunes, the sound which is melodious and harmonious.These mobiles reproduce not only classical music, but also "the sounds of nature."As you know, these are the melodies and sounds form a favorable emotional kid.Enabling your baby mobility forest serenades, you can be sure that the baby will calm down and fall asleep in his little cradle.In addition, of course, the child will receive high-quality musical development, listening to classical works every day.

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