Rules of behavior in nature: better safe than sorry

How wonderful to breathe fresh air, enjoy the sunset on the beach, walk along the forest paths!But do not forget about the responsibility in relation to the surrounding world.By following the simple rules of behavior in nature, not only do we save and save up her wealth for our children, but also to protect themselves.

is now difficult to find a place where no one had gone to the human foot.Alas, most of his presence is manifested in the form of abandoned broken bottles, beer cans, plastic bags.If you do not follow the rules of behavior in nature, referring to it as a "no man's land", very soon people themselves deprived of the possibility of complete rest on her bosom.So let's take care of it and teach it to the children.

So, what are the basic rules of behavior in nature?First of all: Do not reserve the uncollected garbage, particularly from materials that do not decompose.Do you want to have a picnic?Please try to use only paper single-use utensils rather than plastic, and leaving - move along.All garbage should be collected in special bags and throw it in to the correct place.

like to sit around the campfire?It is wonderful.Just remember that - especially in fire weather, during a drought - you risk not only their health and lives, if the fire gets out of control.You create a hazard to animals and other people.So do not make fires where there is a risk of throwing flames.It is best to do it on the shore of the reservoir (rivers, lakes), in the open, using a special device for the grill, and large stones.Nearby try to have sand and not pour gasoline or other flammable liquids: they poison the land and water.

observing rules of behavior in nature, and you protect yourself from unnecessary problems.You must have a reliable mobile communication, it is best not one phone.In an emergency, you should be able to contact emergency services and family.Rules of human behavior in the forest and say that special equipment is needed: it is better if you are long pants and long sleeve shirt.This will help protect against insect bites (eg, ticks and mosquitoes).Also, use special preparations for repelling and carry a first-aid.Necessary and items such as a penknife, flashlight, lighter.

rules of behavior in nature imply caution in relation to animals and insects.Remember that being in the woods, we have a guest.Therefore we can not, for example, destroy nests, holes to fill, hunt (if you do not have a special permit), and pick up chicks urchins.If you meet, for example, wild boars, do not provoke them, try to behave as calmly as possible.

Oddly, but in groves and forests located far from cities and towns, are much higher risk of encounter with criminals than with the wild animals.Therefore, observe the rules of behavior in nature and in respect of its security is not separated from friends and family, do not remove deep into the forest alone.Children better implement a special children's alarm and try not to let them out of sight.Not bad to carry at least a simple whistle.In those places where once there were fighting, you can still stumble on ammunition and unexploded ordnance.Remember that this is not the trophies and not toys.Try to get away from this place, do not lift them and disassemble, and even more so do not throw them into the fire.Be sure to report the find to the police, who will send sappers.