How to heat a bath - tips for beginners

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Even in ancient times for the treatments people have used water and steam.It is mentioned in many historical sources.But today only increases the popularity of the bath.

flooded bathhouse?

Steam treatments are a ritual, which should be carefully prepared.Every fan of the couple should know how to properly heat the bath.For this it is necessary to understand some of the intricacies of this art.

before the procedure, of course, must be well to heat the room.Modern people use a variety of equipment: electric or gas-fired boilers.But real fans appreciate only wood heating.After all, the smell of wood attached to the unusual atmosphere, bathing the spirit.How to drown Russian bath?It is an art, which you can acquire some effort.But practice will quickly learn all the tricks.

Classical Bath

Classic Russian bath more often heat their wood stoves.Between themselves, they may be somewhat different in design, but the principle of operation alone.She herself had built a separate room, or it can be placed in any large building.Inside, it has at least two parts, steam room and a waiting room itself.Fans of contrasting procedures, if space allows, and even build a swimming pool.Walls best erect timber.Old Russian baths always built like a hut chopped, but the doors and windows were cut small size, this was done in order to better retain heat inside.Modern buildings erected from different construction materials, their choice on the market is now huge.But in any case the interior should only be made of wood.At high temperatures and humidity is strictly not allowed to use synthetics.

device bathhouse furnace

to ensure proper temperature and humidity conditions, the furnace for heating water are placed so that all the rooms were heated simultaneously.Knowing how to use the stove in the bath, what is its arrangement, you can easily create the desired indoor climate.

Classical furnace constructed by certain rules.

  • located in the lower part of the door and ash pit, hence the air supply in an area where fuel is burned.
  • irons - a massive steel or cast iron grill, which are stacked firewood.
  • Fly zone or combustion chamber - the basic unit of the furnace, where there is a complete combustion of the fuel and heat production.Top
  • located heater for steam and steel, or stainless steel water tank.
  • flue ash from the zone occurs through the chimney.For the traction control valve installed in it.

Operating Principles of bath furnace is quite simple, but not all at once turns to achieve stable combustion.Often there is damping fuel.How to heat a bath, how fuel use?These connoisseurs of such procedures in any case do not use flammable liquids for ignition.

What firewood to heat the bath?

fuel (wood) plays the most important role heating.From rock it depends very much: how much heat is released, how the time will be burning.In addition, the important and the atmosphere created by the unique aroma that appears in the process of burning firewood.

The Russian baths are considered traditional for birch logs.Some use and softwood, but it should take into account that such logs very quickly burn out.Hardwood (ash, oak) have excellent heat dissipation.But these rocks are valuable, they will drown expensive.

Storing firewood

need to cut firewood in advance, because after splitting and subsequent drying they dry completely after a year.Before flushing bath, you need to check out all the good wood, they should be completely dry.During the combustion of wet logs minimal heat, forming a lot of wet steam, it immediately cools channels in the oven, on the cold walls settles condensate.This can destroy the entire chimney.

of the furnace, it being cheap are completely dependent on the quality of firewood.They should be dry and also have the same size, their thickness should be about 6-8 cm. At the beginning of kindling is better to use small dry pieces, suitable for the initial ignition shavings, wood chips, bark or paper.Never use kerosene or gasoline.

Store firewood needed in dry ventilated area or under the eaves.In the cold season to the sauna bath on the wood is best put in the room, so they warmed.

Room preparation

Before flushing bath, it is necessary to prepare the room.Give the walls, shelves in order, clean, ventilate the room.Fresh air and a clean environment will create better conditions for health treatments.The stones of the sauna should be rinsed with clean water and put in the same order in place.Heating vessel must be well rinsed and filled with fresh water.The tanks and the pool water is also updated.In a waiting room, Prepare clean towels, sheets and other necessary accessories.Also, be careful with drinks, it can be a variety of herbal teas, tea, kvass, ordinary water.Alcohol taken during procedures is strictly prohibited, it could adversely affect the general health.

Fire starter furnace

To learn how to properly heat the bath, it is necessary to examine some of the nuances that will help to master this simple science.First of all, it should be noted that the furnace should be in good condition, you need to use for kindling only dry fuel.

First we need to clean the ash pit and grate ash.The damper must be fully disclosed.In the combustion chamber in a small hut Lay chips, compressed paper, put the four medium-sized logs, but they do not touch.Light the paper and close the door to smoke poured into the room.

seed fire gradually added in larger chips, small logs.Remember that the ash pit at this time be fully open, the flow of oxygen to better flame to flare up.Slowly warm up the chimney and create sustainable traction.

good poker Smooth burned-out embers.Fill a third furnace dry logs.At the initial stage the wood underlay careful not to extinguish the flames.When hum characteristic appears, it means that the warmed oven and requires sufficient fuel.The new logs need to slip closer to the door.Do not allow fire to failure as long as the room and the water in the boiler is not completely warmed up.

two hours later in the coals become scarlet.It's time to push the half-pipe valve.Fully close it only when evaporate carbon monoxide.How can you identify?Povoroshit embers with a poker, nowhere to slide the blue flame, this is carbon monoxide, which is dangerous not only for health but for life.

Observe kindling

every fan of the Russian bath just need to learn the proper kindling and become a fan of this process.After a few sessions will understand the case and experience.But it is worth noting that to learn how to properly heat the bath, that's not all.In the process be sure to keep an eye on the stove.In order to reduce traction in the chimney is warm, you need time to shoot flap.Blower door also need to cover, but not completely.To heat in the furnace was uniform, the wood must come on time, as required.Once the procedure is finished, the oven must cool down completely.After that it is necessary to remove from the ashes, and to tidy the room.Give your bathhouse to relax before the next session.Enjoy Your Bath!