"Fire" Agnes.

what the word is - "Agnes?"The value of the name comes from the old Aryan god of fire, Agni named.The literal translation Agnes - the "fiery".This is definitely one of the most beautiful women's names, which is rare, but it occurs in our country.The reason - the inability to pick up for a short form.That is why all representatives of the name referred only to Agnes.

name value in the interpretation Heeger

Boris Heeger says that all Agnes shrewd, principled and fair.They are very difficult to cheat.For its part, too, they do not sow the land corruption, lies and deceit.Such a woman would never approve unnecessary evil deed.Boris Heeger sure that the value of the name Agnes itself dates back to Ancient Greece.He argues that this is where it originated and later spread throughout Russia.He translates it as "innocent" or "pure", and suggests that a female variation of male Greek name Agny - "innocent".Here's a she - Agnes!

name value in terms of esoteric


Energy of this name lies in mobility, a deep emotionality, openness, hardness and ductility.Since childhood, the child has such qualities as careless and excessive openness.That is why the need to vaccinate girls feel cautious and circumspect.If this does not happen, the good-natured girl will need to get these skills alone are not the most pleasant for her ways ... Combining the power fuse with a sense of caution, it is easy to achieve life balance.

Spiritual World

It is very developed in Agnes.She - the central figure in any society, it is - the leader.Around it will collect the people will listen to it, as an informal authority.With Agnia can talk on any topic, it is a versatile and well-read man.The art of composition - its strong point.


At the very beginning of the article I mentioned who this Agnes.The value of the name - "fiery".And it is no wonder!Agnes - gifted child!Kissed by God, it will just burn with passion for learning!Teachers will always put it up as an example to other students. Family

Agnes very attached to their home.She does not like to drift away from him, so the place of study and work near their homes chooses.Her family relations will develop favorably.This hostess, create comfort, appreciating spiritual relationship with their spouse.Divorce for Agnes - this is the end of all life!

When children are born, the owner of this beautiful name become more calm.They - the wonderful moms worry about their child at every stage of its development. What is the name Agnes in terms of professional activity

In any work Agnes rely only on themselves.She tries to be a leader in a particular professional field.This is a workaholic.She was given the clearly counting every step.Naturally, it will not tolerate any missteps.Pretty easy to converge with people from different professional and spiritual beliefs, feeling at ease.