Andrew: meaning of the name for life

Each name has a unique characteristics that positively affect the owner or vice versa.In this article we will learn how the name was Andrew, the name value and its impact on human rights.

It appeared from the word "Andros", which translated from Greek as "brave, brave, brave man."So people began to call the name of their children only after the adoption of Christianity, before it was distributed only in Byzantium.In Russia, it was felt that a lifetime guardian angel will protect a person whose name is Andrew.

Meaning of Baby Names

From an early age the boy is very active and inventive.He loves outdoor games, and a long time is able to run around the house.However, if you take the exciting business it can be very diligent workers and conscientiously.Becoming a student, participates in all activities with full responsibility and do their homework, but is horoshistom.Always protect weak people and does not suffer injustice.He was very helpful, positive, outgoing and witty.Therefore, in the circle of friends of the soul - Andrew.

name value for the professional activity

man with the same name - a very capable.It can be an actor, an artist (if born in the winter), composer, singer, will succeed in science (it is easier to achieve if born in the fall).Andrew is very prudent and purposeful, so can be a great businessman.If the man hurt, it does not forgive a long time and can give a good fight back.He likes to be the center of attention.Among colleagues and friends one of the most reliable is Andrew.

name value for a family

Life Andrew distinctive.His relationships with women have the disadvantage of instability: it can easily be changed one after the other, without feeling guilty.Meeting with sympathy, strives to please her in every detail.Wife wanted to see the outgoing, active and interesting person with whom there is always something to talk about.However, if you meet his only beloved and marry her (which usually occurs quite late), it is easy to cross out their frivolous behavior in the past (relative to the ladies) and becomes incredibly caring husband and father.

What else keeps secret the name of Andrew?

  • planet is named after the patron saint of Uranus.
  • colors - steel, purple, deep red, dark brown.
  • Minerals - Amethyst and amber.
  • Totemic plant - fir.
  • Totemic animal - a lynx (reed).

Name Andrew were the following celebrities: A.Rublev (painter in Russia), A.Trubetskoy (Duke) and People's Artist of the USSR A.Goncharov, A.Mironov fine actor, composer (singer and television presenter) and A.Makarevicha lot others.

What value has named Andrew?Its medium fit girls with names like Valery, Antonina, Alice, Veronica, Angelica, Lyudmila, Natalia, Aline, Mary Dean, Larissa and Galina.Complex interaction with Oksana, Irene, Zoe, Ekaterina, Yana, Barbara, Vera, Olga, and Anna Victoria.