1C: Managing 8 - Efficiency Management Accountants of your company.

1C: Managing 8 - the efficiency of the administrative account of your company.

program for automation of management accounting enable enterprise managers to obtain all the necessary information on the results of financial transactions in the form of simple and accessible to ordinary users.It should be noted that the automation of the administrative account require significant financial investments.Buying software is only a small part of the costs of the enterprise, the main costs are for the implementation of management accounting, which requires adapting software to the specifics of a particular company, as well as services for consulting and personnel training.

Automation of management accounting system using 1C 8 is simple to develop, and as a result, rapid introduction into production.Implement a program of every system administrator can in a short period of time.After that, the head of the company from your PC establishes a right of access to the information base for the different members of the organization, and you can start work.

program 1c management accounting 8 is based on the general principles of the management accounting practiced in various enterprises.The program has a number of advantages:

- use of the program eliminates the purchase of expensive software for inventory control;

- with the help of the program may exercise control over the movement of goods and materials, as well as the printing of primary documents;

- have the ability to control the situation in the company in real time.This is possible because the records management allows for a reflex action, not confirmed by primary documents.

Management Accounting includes a convenient mechanism for working with suppliers and customers.When an order made by the supplier, or resulting from the buyer, the program is filled with a specially designed for this form, including the terms of execution of the order and terms of payment.Control over the timely implementation of all conditions is performed using reminders, entering the employee responsible for a specific order automatically.

1C: Managing 8 rational use of large scale enterprises.The program includes a simple and transparent mechanism that helps to distribute the total expenditure by type of enterprise business.Compared to the earlier version of 1C 7.7, 8 Manager enables organizations to solve the problems associated with multiple activities produced by a single company.

In addition, the program allows you to control up to 8 account for transactions made on the commission agreement.The goods have been marketed, balance sheet accounts, apart from the rest.After the shipment of goods is finished, it is possible to generate a report that includes information about the debt and the amount of profit on the transaction.

also 1C: Managing 8 takes into account the transfer of products to sell.To implement these actions using more complex arrangements, designed for experienced users.

Currently, many companies carry out specific financial transactions not related to trading activities, for example, operations on the stock exchange.With the help of 1C have the opportunity to conduct management accounting, including data operation.

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