Mi-24 - Army attack helicopter.

airborne forces and other special units in the event of war must carry out combat missions behind enemy lines.They are well trained, well equipped, but still may be condemned to death or captivity, if they were not provided timely support.Marines cut off from supply and can only rely on their own strength.The first war in which helicopters were used in large quantities for the delivery of manpower, goods, evacuation of wounded and dead, as well as to strike ground targets, was Vietnamese.In the Soviet Union between the military senior professionals during the 60s continue to argue about the wisdom of borrowing the American experience.Eventually defeated supporters of "rotary-wing cavalry", but with some reservations.Expression of the Soviet concept was the Mi-24 - a helicopter designed to perform the functions of two combat - landing and assault.

difference between the concepts of a military helicopter in the USSR and the United States

American experience was based on the specialization of rotorcraft technology.Most used "horse" US Air Cavalry was the famous "Huey» UH-1 (also known as "Iroquois" - the machine is small, compact and yet spacious).Another advantage of the "flying jeep" was his incredible reliability and survivability (in this he is really similar to "Willys").It is this helicopter landed troops, ammunition and provided them with all the necessary, sometimes directly during the battle and under fire.On the "Huey" took out the wounded.He would himself carry the cover, on the sides of the cartridge installed with rockets, and through the doorway gunner was shooting.However, the full impact that the helicopter can not be named, its possibilities are limited.Therefore, the pair used to work with him "Cobra» AH-1.This machine was virtually identical with the "Huey" powerplant, but everything else is much different.Housing predatory narrow-armored, bulletproof glass lantern in the bow of the rapid-firing gun, and on the sides of the wings, pylons - increased Missiles.The capabilities of these two machines had to combine the Mi-24 helicopter, armored personnel carriers as defined by its purpose eminent aircraft designer Mikhail Mil.

Departmental disputes

ML Mil had considerable experience in the construction of rotorcraft technology.He created the machine designed to perform peace work, but also of the defense of CB do not forget.The world's first helicopter equipped with a built-in small arms, Mi-4 was created in 1949.With all its outstanding flight and performance, this machine in the second half of the sixties has needed to be replaced.But Michael L. went on, he expressed his desire to build a car and made unprecedented in the Ministry of Defence of the USSR with a report outlining its technical idea (1967).It was perceived ambiguously.General Epishev called nonsense the idea and even offered to plant a chief designer to the helicopter and send it somewhere to war.But General Hammers, who led CRI-30 and understand the technical aspects of some more political department chief, became interested in the idea.Ultimately, supporters of the new Concept of winning, and Mil beginning to prepare its proposal at the level of the technical conceptual design.So in 1968, sprang the Mi-24, Army attack helicopter to deliver the department of paratroopers, who became the "swan song" Michael Mil.Before its completion outstanding designer did not live.

new technical ideas

compositional scheme was chosen classic, single main rotor with five blades (like the Mi-8, but a little shorter), three-bladed propeller and steering at the end of the tail boom carrier.The chassis has been decided to make the retractable for improved aerodynamics.The novelty manifested in the inclination of the axis of the rotor not only forward (4,5 °), and side (right) two and a half degrees to the partial torque compensation while flying in a straight line.For the first time introduced the position of the operator arms.Carrying wing, reducing fuel consumption by lift, it has been used in the construction of the Mi-6.Got it and Mi-24 helicopter has become stable, after he gave a negative V-shaped.The power plant with transmission generally borrowed from the Mi-8 with some changes due to the appointment of a new combat vehicle.


turbocharged two TV3-117 (in modern versions) of 2200 "horses" each.Places arrow and pilots are arranged in tandem, in tiers, with some displacement of the axis of symmetry to improve visibility.The layout of the crew repeatedly processed, the optimal variant engineers did not come immediately.Bulletproof glass with flat front surface called someone from the military association with the glass, because of what appeared one of the informal names of the Mi-24.The helicopter has several playful nickname "crocodile" (with the elongated silhouette of ravenous), "Galina" and even "a deer» (Hind - so obviously for the rapidity of his military experts called NATO).

During the pilot may be mechanic, for it provided the jump seat, but in actual combat conditions in his flight does not always take.

followed by compartment, called the cargo, it placed eight men in full gear.The tail section is filled with niches for the equipment and the main landing in the retracted state.

Completion helicopter

In early 1970, died ML Mil.New general designer MN Tishchenko had begun to complete a senior fellow business.Enough problems.Glazing lantern for which the aircraft early versions called "veranda" or "glass" was not very successful, as well as the location of the seats of the crew.The situation is not so good and lateral stability.At the time of factory assembly shop of the first Mi-24 helicopter weapons had not yet received.The stage of completion is a complex "Storm" and the rapid-firing machine gun.It was decided to establish until 2 ATGM "phalanx-M."Machine gun K-4B was also used temporarily, he was already in service with the Mi-4 and Mi-8.It was necessary to equip the machine blocks NUPS and release gear.The final form, known today around the world, an attack helicopter Mi-24 found in 1973.During finishing, he was replaced by multiple indexes.All this time it was called the "product" (for reasons of secrecy) with numbers (245, 244, 246).

Flight performance

Its parameters machine, if you do not take into account its ability to carry troops, close to attack aircraft in wartime.

cruising speed (270 km / h) and maximum (335 km / h), even somewhat less than that of the famous "flying tank" IL-2.Practical flight range of 450 km.The basic working ceiling - 1400 m, but if necessary (especially in mountainous terrain), the machine is able to climb almost 5 km.At one military helicopter Mi-24 consumes 780 liters of kerosene, of course, more than "civilian" brother Mi-8.

weight parameters

car can not be called easy.On mass influenced many design features, booking and duplication of functions to enhance safety in the event of damage to components and assemblies.This circumstance has given rise further to some military experts criticize the Mi-24 helicopter.Technical data of the universal destination turned out to be the best unit to shock.This landing opportunities, too, was modest - only eight fighters (for comparison, "Iroquois" takes on board 14 people, and in Vietnam for export had wounded and more).However, the possibility of dual-use machine had its positive side.Weight of empty helicopter is 7.58 m. To get the maximum take-off weight it is necessary to add three tons (capacity of tanks) and combat load of 2.4 tons (not too small).One should not forget that the crew with the landing also not incorporeal.Total yield approximately 11.5 tons.

first experience - Ethiopia

In the late seventies there were many local armed conflicts.In one of them, the Ethiopian-Somali war in 1978, the first "lit up" Mi-24 helicopter.Technical data is quite consistent with the nature of the fighting, it has successfully "worked" on the columns of armored vehicles and positions of Somali troops, Ethiopian army provided assistance to the Cuban pilots and volunteers trained in the Soviet Union.The main weapon in this war were rockets S-5.The enemy failed to knock out a single helicopter, lost some ground units during the attack at the airport of Asmara, which was based aircraft.But the main battle experience was ahead ...

performing international duty

Since the end of 1979 combat helicopter Mi-24 became a permanent inhabitant of hot Afghan sky.Operating conditions here were not just heavy, they can be called hell.Dust, sand and mud damaged turbine blades, maintenance is often conducted without complying with the technical regulations.But all the "land" problems paled in comparison with the unexposed machines which subjected by the Mujahideen groups daily and hourly.According to many participants of operations, materialized symbol of the Afghan war, it became the Mi-24.Helicopter landing covered the battle groups, produced evacuation units ambushed, shot and bombed Nursi space charges fortified areas.It is difficult to overestimate his role in the war, as well as to count the number of lives saved by their soldiers.

«Crocodile» abroad

After the disintegration of the Soviet power a military helicopter Mi-24, built in record numbers (3.5 thousand. Pc.), At the disposal of almost all of the newly formed states.In addition, it is the armies of more than two dozen countries, including exotic - Senegal, Sierra Leone and Myanmar.No matter he does not have to idle.Manage it relatively easy (which is typical for a Soviet aircraft production), it is unpretentious in operation and combat effectiveness of a similar small aircraft can exceed Mi-24 helicopter.Specifications are optimal for its action in local wars.In 1982, the Iraqi pilot even managed to rocket salvo hit supersonic F-4 "Phantom" of the Iranian Air Force.

use this rotor helicopter and the implementation of humanitarian and mediation of UN missions, in which case its color to white.To war "Shrek" had two and a half dozen wars.Some of them continue to this day.


so popular car, famous for its characteristic silhouette in the world, was ugotovlena advance the role of "stars."Two dozens of computer games as one of the characters involved Mi-24.Army attack helicopter was the hero as the feature films and documentaries.His miniature replicas made by many firms specializing in the manufacture of modular models and layouts.Today, nobody is surprised that on the counter can be offered to the buyer Helicopters Mi-24, which can fly by remote control.Well, people like to play voynushki ...