What is the sign of "sprinkle salt"?

There are a lot of different takes and folk beliefs.Someone believes in them, someone - no.Superstitious people tend to follow popular wisdom.The sign "sprinkle salt" certainly known to most of our people.What it means for anybody not a secret.But what if it's already happened, he knows not everyone.That's what I want to tell you in his article.

went from a belief

For starters, let's see where went omen "sprinkle salt."It turns out that this belief was born in Russia in the old days, when salt was worth its weight in gold.It was expensive, so she was treated very carefully.Large salt shakers on the table were placed only on holidays and when greeted guests.From here it went the phrase "welcome with bread and salt."If someone in the family scattered so precious product, it is considered a great sin.It was expected that the punishment from the Lord for him necessarily.Therefore, when such occurrence households often quarreled.Hence the sign that if sprinkled salt - wait for the quarrels.

what "promises" this sign

to talk about "what sprinkle salt"?Be aware that this sign is not very good.It means that it will soon come to your house quarrel.Moreover, the more it is scattered, the harder they will be.What has happened to this?First, be careful with this product.Let the cost of its small, but it is a natural gift, and it needs to be protected.Second, if the salt has crumbled to prevent the disaster need to do a few simple manipulations.What exactly, discussed below.

Other signs associated with salt

If the sign "sprinkle salt" means a quarrel, then "pass the salt at the table" can also mean that soon the person to whom it was transferred, you had a fight.To avoid this, you need the transfer salt shakers laugh.Not accepted to give the salt in debt and return it.It is believed that in this case you can send your family well-being.And with this product, you can see if there is a curse on your house.To do this, pour it into the pan and put on fire.If after a while the salt will darken, sanctify the house, if it remains white - nothing to fear.

What if sprinkled salt

But do not worry if it's already happened.I'll talk about how to improve the situation, when the hostess scattered the salt, what to do in this case.There are several ways:

  1. the hill crumbles salt depict cross.It is believed that by doing so you will sanctify his house and kicked out of his negative energy.Spilled product
  2. three pinches throw over your left shoulder behind his back.
  3. slapped his forehead, or just laugh.This method is good for the fact that you quickly adjust to the desired positive way.

So we came to the conclusion that he will "sprinkle salt" does not carry anything terrible.In order to avoid the consequences, need to do a little creative action.Do not panic if something like that happened to you already.Follow these guidelines, and you will avoid the negative aspects of your family life.