Work rules: you need to know about them to the employer

In any organization, there are regulations governing the activities of the company and its employees individually.One such local acts - internal regulations.However, not every organization in any.In connection with what is necessary to address the law - how it is regulated in this matter?Is this document a must?What is the procedure for notifying employees?

Before turning to the legal aspects of the issue, it should be noted that the existence of such rules to avoid a lot of unpleasant moments.Psychologists specializing in labor relations, warns that disputes and conflicts will inevitably arise if the parties are unclear responsibilities and rights.The director will demand too much, considering himself in the right, and the staff will be outraged that their needs are not considered: the comfort of work, rest, lunch break.

work rules - an optional regulatory document.But there is a clause in the law: questions of discipline must be dealt with in other local acts, namely the employment contract or collective agreement (paragraph 2 of Article 189 of the Labor Code).However, these internal documents of the company can not fit all the details related to labor discipline.Hence there is a need to develop a separate local act - labor regulations, which could enter all the details of the relationship between managers and subordinates.

work rules include the organization mode of work, the duration of the lunch break, weekends, frequency and duration of leave, the procedure for approval vacation schedule, incentives and penalties (the same article, paragraph 4).In accordance with the legislation spells out the basic rights and responsibilities.For example, "the employee is obliged to carry out their functions in good faith and on time" or "the employer is obliged to provide everything necessary to perform job responsibilities, to ensure normal working conditions."But you can also specify the procedure for hiring and firing (the list of required documents, the duration of the trial period).For additional information on the rules can be made:

  • especially of access control (entrance to the building with a pass);
  • procedure for notification of the head of technical malfunctions and other points related to working conditions;
  • smoking in the building regulations of the organization;
  • and other matters of discipline at the discretion of the employer.

Since the law does not oblige to write internal regulations, then it makes no sense to develop them if you do not intend to acquaint staff with the document.The act created solely for the purpose of targeting the discipline in the organization.And employees are familiar with it should be in the manner prescribed by law: a painting in employment (as stated in article 68 of the labor code, item 3).

To date, there are still organizations that operate a trade union or other representative body.Work rules agreed with this authority (representative should put his signature).If any, the employees an opportunity to change the rules, to find a compromise, to discuss the issues that the employer overlooked.It is the representative body shall verify the content of the act in the local compliance with the law, it is possible that some of its points violate the rights of employees.But this "test" should be done prior to signing the document.Otherwise, the signature will mean that you agree with the content.Although these rules if you want you can try to challenge.

work rules LLC is not much different in content from the same act in a firm with a different legal form.Sample act can be changed, since the single recommended forms exist.

If the organization is large enough, in addition to or instead of the internal rules can be created provisions such as Staff Regulation, on bonuses, the work of a particular department, organization department.Any option preferable to the complete absence of clear instructions regarding the discipline and working conditions.