Tourist information: how to make a child passport

often travelers-beginners who have decided to take a trip abroad in the child, the question arises of how to make the passport of the child and whether to do it at all.Perhaps enough to write about it in the parent's passport?Let's deal.

need or desire of parents?

In fact, everything depends on what kind of passports are parents.If a travel document issued on paper (issued for a period of 5 years), it is enough to write about a child under 14 years old in the passport of one parent.There are also records in the old-style passports issued before the beginning of spring 2010.If the biometric passport, what to write in his child is not possible, so in this case, nothing remains how to make the child a passport.

advantages of a single travel document for the child

If the record of the child has a passport only one parent, then go abroad with the second he can not.Separate children's passport is the convenience of having a child can travel with any of the family members (with a document confirming relationship).Another important advantage for children is that they can travel at all without the support of relatives, in organized groups, if they have their own travel document.Making children's passport, of course, more than just fit the child to the parent, but from a practical point of view it is much more convenient.Besides, now the Russian legislation allows a child of any age (from birth) to have its own foreign travel document.

How to make a passport to the child?

At first glance, this is no big deal, but it is so only if you carefully comply with all the rules.The first thing you need to think before you make a passport of the child, it is the collection of all necessary documents.You will need:

  • child's birth certificate;
  • Russian passport of the parent (or guardian);
  • four photos on matte based on the size of 3.5 x 4.5 and 3 x 4 cm;
  • old passport, if any, for the replacement;
  • profile, application form (can be filled on the spot);
  • receipt (payment of the state fee for the registration of traditional or passport - 300 rubles; biometric - 1,200 rubles).

It is desirable to prepare in advance copies of all documents (so you will shorten the time, because you have to give them all the same asked).The process of registration (if a full package of documents) usually takes about 1 month.How urgently do a passport to the child if there is no time to wait?You can seek the assistance of intermediaries who have access to the FMS, but usually their services on urgent passport clearance quite expensive (10 000 and above).

What else should be considered?

Before you decide to order a passport to make the child - ordinary (for 5 years) or a biometric (10), think about how your baby will look after these intervals.It may make sense to save and make passport on paper, and then suddenly after 8-9 years, the border guards just do not know your child and you will not be allowed abroad!Yet the decision as to what kind of document to do, as well as how to make passport (St. Petersburg, Moscow time full of suggestions intermediaries), rests with the applicant.