Fianit: properties of the stone and its use

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To simulate diamonds often use artificially created the mineral cubic zirconia.The properties of the stone, its shine and hardness make it possible to apply it to design jewelry low price category, combined with generally not too expensive gems.These jewelry are among the most popular at the moment.So it looks like cubic zirconia, known, perhaps, to everyone.

Such an interesting name from the abbreviation of the stone was FIAN, abbreviated name of the Physics Institute of the Academy of Sciences, where he was created.Initially, there were only fianitiki colorless and faceless.However, progress does not stand still.In recent years, experts from the institute have learned to create a mineral, colored cubic zirconia.Properties of stone produced by artificial means, at the same time close to a natural alexandrite.That is, when the angle of light mineral can change its color.Created as usual phianites different shades.

addition to the jewelry industry this stone is widely used in science.It is made of high quality lenses, and are also used in chemistry, since it is able to resist any oxidation and features unbelievable refractoriness.However, the manufacture of jewelry - it is still the main area, which uses cubic zirconia.The properties of the stone allows it to draw almost any decoration.

fact as it is created artificially in the production process it is possible to give it a look that is needed.It's surprisingly clean and transparent mineral with a magnificent brilliance.When these stones are gathered in groups, they are simply impossible to take your eyes off.

LPI - stone properties, Sign (accessory) and method of administration which, because of its artificial origin slozhnoopredelimy.Modern astrologers have even decided not to rank its to any sign of the zodiac.Therefore, it can be considered a kind of "empty vessel", open to the energy of any planet.Wear it allowed everyone.However, it is believed that the benefit of both planetary amulet or talisman, he can only bring good people.

Some modern psychics believe that this stone is to take along for the ride, especially in foreign countries.He will do everything - to go on excursions, visit the sights, in general, to fulfill all that is planned.

LPI - stone, the magical properties that may be useful to journalists and helps in the short term gain uymy experience and get the most information.

In addition, it should be worn to enhance the overall tone of the body and health.This stone acts like a battery.It can be recharged their own emotions and energy, and then, if necessary, to get returns.This is the main feature of such artificial minerals as cubic zirconia.The properties of the stone allows the real key to call it luck.It is only necessary to know how to use it.If it is good to be invested, it will be returned in the response.

LPI - stone young, and therefore its magical properties it is too manifest.However, to make someone a little happier he is quite able.