The angel like, or what is the name of Angelina

What is the name Angelina tells Greek mythology, since its roots originate from there.The literal translation of the word - "messenger, the messenger."Mythology determines unity of Zeus and Artemis, meaning "Angelos".Sometimes linguists use the name translated as "like an angel."

in the Orthodox world before people were called by the name of the saint, the day that was born a man.Many changes has undergone the name Angelina, especially in the era of the Soviet Union.Then there are many variants.The reason was the influence of culture in Western countries.

What is the meaning of the name Angelina?For a child it bears the character of extraterrestrial beings.Since childhood Angelina live in their own world, invented by them.Their imagination is completely absorbed by love, peace and harmony.As a child, Angelina can trust their own secrets only person who seems to her to the best of her age, honest and reliable.

What is the name Angelina for older girls?A little grown up, baby does not lose the naivety and desire to see goodness in people.As a teenager, Angelina wakes up the desire to remake the world, but later comes enlightenment.Refusing ideals does not occur at this time, but the desire to re-educate others disappear, because she does not see the prospects of such a class.

Angelina - which is the name for an adult woman?Up to a point it can be a struggle for justice fragile creation as a result of the resulting moral injury.Adult Angelina never upset about the loss of a financial nature, but pique uniquely bring her out of herself.

What is the name Angelina in a family plan?Often, it is - unsurpassed mistress and responsible mother.There is the full flowering of Angelina in this sense it is closer to 30 years.Previously, she tries to find a non-existent sense of the world - perfect harmony.In cases where the question of the dignity and honor of her loved ones, patience of women translates into a hellish conflict.

Every man wondering what is the name of Angelina.First of all, curiosity sexual and relationship to the opposite sex.Angelina knows how to love, to sacrifice for a man, even when this is not required.Certain life stage of the lady with the same name sets priorities, and it adapts to the fact that there is no perfect sense in the world.Happiness in marriage Angelina can find a man who can truly respond to her feelings.

entire period of his life, a woman with the same name will strive to create comfort in your home "nest" and to perfect love.Perhaps one day she would have to "burn" in a relationship, but still it will find its hero.

With regard to sexuality, the Angelina becomes sultry woman with a desire for pleasure.It can be quite excited even affectionate touching or kissing partner.Sexually Angelina is quite demanding on the equipment.Improvisation and the promotion of a loved one in bed - her features.In the case where a partner is not able to please her, Angelina coolly, without the tragic experiences, saying goodbye to him.