Who is the lucky man?

So happy man - who is it?Rare species listed in the Red Book because of its uniqueness and rarity?One of satiety and satisfaction man forgot his mission, lulled to your inner voice calling him to the exploits and accomplishments.In the race for imaginary values, he lost his instincts, impulses.Now he is fed, shod and clothed.And something he has, but happiness.

And when nothing more willing to begin quest and digging inside themselves.Here everything seems to have, but something is missing.And implement individual and successful, and the joy of it is not.Here begin depression, all kinds of frustration, apathy and detachment from the outside world, and the emptiness inside.Man crying and angry, more focusing on himself and his ego.It is a vicious circle.Road to nowhere.

be happy - to live in harmony with oneself, with nature, to understand and accept yourself and others.Doing things you love, bring joy to himself and others, can only be a happy man.

Happiness be a

Let's deal.If you are still unhappy, angry at everyone and everything, blame the whole world, it means that up to this point of the life the way you did not realize that happiness - is within you.What do you have to implement it all.You already have at home, so giving himself to people, be stronger, wiser.Realize this, let flowers blossom in your soul.And the inner sun shone all around, delighting family, friends, strangers.Happy man - is the light within you.It thoughts and desires of the sun to light the inside of each.

This light radiates a special energy.It kills aggression gives birth to a new form of life.You came into this world with its mission, to do good, to know himself, and through himself and the universe.We have forgotten their purpose, become dependent and cowardly.We are afraid to lose the imaginary good, betraying itself.

Through thorns to the stars, or work on the bugs

paradox: a man asks happiness, but most of all afraid of his own.It is a work on himself, on the environment, on their thoughts.Getting personal freedom, shedding the shackles of slavery, people are looking for their peers, so it is familiar.Contentment, stability, peace and prosperity - here it is, our voluntary slavery.

Happy man bold by nature.He takes risks, he lives, loves and love, it will distinguish the genuine from the substitute, not chasing empty and contrived.He is all - movement, emotion and stress, what are afraid of the masses.Its rhythm, its own style, its own rules.

happy man lives by its own laws, its true, as free from foundations:

- he did not think about someone else's opinion, it does not care about gossip;

- around sees the positive side, his glass full, not half, but the whole;

- he is sociable and friendly;

- lives in the present, I appreciate every moment of life, seeing her like a gift from above;

- not succumb to the difficulties.

I - happy man

Summing up?Be, not seem to be.Be yourself - the greatest gift, work.Appreciate every moment of life, to celebrate victories, worthy to face the difficulties, have a favorite work, family, be able to give themselves without reserve, of course, doing things you love, enjoying the process, not result-oriented.Here it is - true happiness.And everyone who decides to sleep on it and see.