Gog and Magog - what kind of people?

Someone childhood frightened "babaykoy" and someone threatened: "That Gog and Magog will come and you will be taken!" Hardly, uttering the phrase, comrades adults invested in the notion of the true meaning of it.The dictionary of Ephraim, as in most reference Russian sayings, defines it as: Gog and Magog - a powerful, terrifying.Other sources are more specific, historical concepts.

representation in Christianity

According to the biblical teaching about the ultimate fate of man and the world, the people of Gog and Magog - hostile, militant, who will come at the last moment, to destroy the remaining adherents of Christianity.End of the World is now emerges not only in everyday conversations.This theme is warmed numerous media.Show people building bunkers with old inventory provisions, stationary power and other utilities, and household items that can maintain normal activity.Gog and Magog, according to some interpretations, and should become one of Satan's destructive power which will destroy everything completely.

It's not all definitions that are displayed in the religious teachings.Under the name of "Gog" is supposed to lead, the main leader standing in front of a hostile army."Magog" has its status.This is the country, which means that the people inhabiting it.All these people are subject to great Gogh, obedient to his command, worshiping his philosophy and outlook, believe in its mission.

Yet most of Gog, Magog - it is the people who should be at a certain time to head the prince of Rosh.He also gives several definitions.Son Benjamin, who died without heirs.Another interpretation is more common - the prince, the head of the Grand Duke in the original.There have even been suggested that behind this name suggested Russia as the land on which the mighty reigns Gogh.

Old Testament mentions the son of Japheth Magog, the founder of the genus from settlements located to the north of Palestine.Gog, according to some predictions, should lead the troops of nomads on Israel.Barbaric hostile North symbolize them in Jewish culture.

According to legend, Alexander the Great drove it to the peoples of the East, the most extreme of its territory.When the time comes, they are freed, they burst on the Christian land, destroy everything around, historically the world.

Apocalypse - a period when everything collapses

And another word, which is now often interpreted in a far from the original definition - Apocalypse.Now it is mainly perceived by most as the end of the world.In the biblical "Apocalypse" describes a situation where the world will crumble.It was at this moment Satan himself will come down to Earth.He calls to his service to the king Gog Magog.

And the people with him, the number of which is larger than the sea sand.Magog will press, torture, destroy people, to erase them from the face of the earth.And it is clear that the Apocalypse - is not the collapse of the entire world, this chapter of the Bible.A translation of the Greek gives an accurate description - this is a Revelation, the last book of the Bible.In it John the Evangelist presents his vision.


Islam from Gog and Magog has a name - and Yajuj Ma Juju.It is also a militant tribes who oppose God's people.In almost any interpretation of them is associated with the invasion of the Last Judgment and the coming of the Messiah.

«war of Gog and Magog" - so called battle between external and internal, according to the teachings of the Kabbalah.The result is a victory in this fight - to avoid the devastating consequences of the collision of two forces.This war is attributed to the people of Israel.And she is not conducted with the help of the material available weapons - nuclear missiles, bombs, rockets and machine guns.Now it is treated as a battle of the inner world with external realities.Battles between desires and reality in the spiritual sense.

In today's world, many give this grandiose name alleged in the near future a nuclear alliance with the West Battle, who will head the Russian.That this war was awarded the title "Destroyer" - actions that will transform the world in the dust.Once this dubious fame attributed the predictions of Napoleon during his protracted battles and conquests.


Modern politicians often use the expression "Gog and Magog."The value for any treatment is reduced to one - it destroys everything around power.In connection with the references and the predictions of the end of the world is increasingly sounds Biblical description.

Any war, in essence - the struggle for their faith, for the spiritual and material foundations.People Destroyer existing world of Satan, led by what name he would give no scares no less than Armageddon.Therefore, political scientists, historians again and again turning to the teachings of centuries ago, where, without assuming the reality of today, so accurately described prior to any signs of revolution.

Literature, opinion writers

curious that this expression has come to a popular revolution as a synonym for "horrifying, overwhelming, conquer."Even the great Nikolai Gogol mentioned in one of the dialogues of heroes of "Dead Souls": "Gog-Magog any", which for a penny slaughter.Thus, characterizing the man as corrupt and unscrupulous, because inspires more dread.

Armageddon - senseless war

Armageddon - it is a war against all.Gaga on the result, unacceptable, but it is expected, reflected in many reel of film and literary works.Under the guise of a false ideology in many parts of the world fighting is affecting their destructive power and absolute meaninglessness.And if one is mentioned in all the known religious description of "Gog-Magog" refers to the land of the faithful, to Israel, today, these definitions can be attributed to any invasion and military conflicts.Unfortunately, to prevent the reigning chaos did not happen, in spite of the predictions.Hopefully, the end of the world and the preceding invasion "of the peoples of the North" will remain in the descriptions in theory, but does not become a historical fact.