Nightclub "Leningrad" in Moscow

in June 2011 in Moscow has opened a new disco club "Leningrad".It has everything to have a good rest during the weekend before the work week.It does not matter what kind of entertainment you prefer active or passive.The organizers took care of all the places of their potential visitors.Love the noisy companies and dances?Perfectly!VIP-room club with a separate exit to the dance floor - for you.Do you want to arrange a romantic date by candlelight in a fancy restaurant?Summer terrace and a conservatory places could not be better suited for this.


in the city center on Leningradsky Prospekt located club "Leningrad".Moscow, as you know - "Sin City."Where if not here must exist a paradise where you can spend an unforgettable weekend?Restaurant is located at the beginning of the street, away from the hustle and bustle of the avenue.What is important, the club has its own parking lot, designed for 30 seats.On the ground floor there is the stunning beauty of the disco hall with a spacious stage.It is a venue for themed parties, performances by famous artists and dance.On the second floor of the institution recently opened a banquet hall for 80 seats, or 100 cocktail party.All in all, the club can accommodate up to 250 people at tables or 350 guests if BANQUET arrange reception.Mode disco area is as follows: Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 21.00 to 6.00 places Restaurant is open daily from 12.00 to 24.00 hours.There are always glad to see visitors.


in a very convenient location is a nightclub "Leningrad" in Moscow.On the one hand, it is the center of the city, and getting here is not difficult.On the other hand, this institution - a separate building at the beginning of the Leningrad Prospect.This means that it is in a quiet place.The infrastructure of the club is that all of its visitors will feel it is easy and comfortable, no matter whether they have come here to listen to loud music and dancing, or relax in the silence.The ground floor of the building - a dance floor with sound insulation.There is also a stage for performances and two bars for the visitors.Around the scene - tables, located amphitheater.All guests may well see the action taking place on stage and dance floor.We should also mention the unique design of the disco hall.His business card - a huge mirror ball in the middle of the dance floor.Here, on the first floor, there is a VIP-zone - an ideal venue for small events, such as birthday.It is designed for 20-25 people.It is worth saying a few words on the summer terrace with a winter garden, elegantly furnished, also located here.It has a separate entrance from the street and connected to the club's restaurant.Here every guest feels luxurious country residence of the owner.The second floor of the building occupies a ballroom.It is designed for 70-80 seats.Exquisite festive atmosphere, light beige tones, live music - everything you need to make any event memorable.

About restaurant places

The famous club "Leningrad"?The fact that each business night here sound the best hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s.But at this point, you can not just relax and dance, but also a tasty meal.The restaurant, which is located on the second floor of the building, designed for 60 seats.There are buffets and 70 guests.The restaurant's interior is unique and unusual.It is unlikely that somewhere in Moscow gourmets meet something similar.From the first moments of being here it may seem that you are in a large library, which is stored on the shelves of the good old book.Pastel colors, light curtains separating tables, live music, mellifluous, plunge into the atmosphere of comfort and coziness.The attentive and courteous staff of the restaurant, ready to warn the slightest desire of every visitor, will help in the selection of food and does not make long to wait for an order.A chef places will surprise its original recipes and the best dishes of European cuisine.What is particularly valuable, many customers satisfied local cuisine and service, leave a positive feedback in their comments about the property.


Organizers institutions argue that the average amount of bills left in the restaurant is 1500-2000 rubles.You can come here not only for dinner, but tasteful dinner.What can offer gourmet club "Leningrad"?Moscow - the city experienced people.It would seem that the capital's residents and visitors to the city is difficult to surprise.But the chef is ready to please their customers copyright recipes of dishes that you do not try anywhere else.It is mostly European cuisine.At first served soup famous "Moscow", Solyanka, cream of mushroom soup and more.From hot snacks can be enjoyed such delicacies as mutton tongue with sauce, spicy chicken wings or tiger prawns in garlic sauce.For the ladies, Weight Watchers, are cooked to order any fish for a couple.The highlight of the local cuisine - hot rolls with salmon, shrimp, avocado and other ingredients.Many visitors say that this dish did not try anywhere else in the capital.Widely represented in the restaurant and Japanese cuisine: rolls "tempura", "Samurai", "Blekunagi", "Takumi" and others.The main ingredient in them, of course, seafood.Do not remain deprived and sweet lovers.Here they can enjoy delicious desserts such as cheesecake with blueberry and blackberry sauce, sorbets and ice cream, presented in a large assortment of mini-cakes and handmade chocolates, and more.

Club rules

organizers of the institution made sure that all visitors feel comfortable and safe here.At the entrance there is always security.The hall is also always on duty, law enforcement officials and club control.To avoid confusion, each potential visitor is recommended to find a list of rules visit the nightlife, called "Leningrad".Club customer reviews which suggest that there is a strict Face Control and Dress Code, opens its doors to all the following conditions:

• Entrance persons intoxicated and under the influence of drugs is prohibited;

• display of any inappropriate behavior on the part of the guest, cause discomfort to other visitors of the club, is unacceptable;

• children, girls under the age of 21, boys under 25 years old can come to a place only when accompanied by the senior next of kin;

• entrance with pets club is prohibited;

• can not carry with alcoholic and soft drinks, drugs and a variety of toxic and poisonous substances;

• banned unauthorized trade.

organizers warn institutions that are not allowed to shout loudly, sit on the floor, rude guests or employees of the club, dancing on the tables and banisters, naked, provoking conflicts and so on.It is worth saying a few words about the dress code.Clothing Each visitor must be neat and clean.It is absolutely not important stylistic preferences of the guests.However, protection may close the entrance for people dressed in sports clothes, as well as for those whose outfit has lost its shape due to prolonged wear.

Order a banquet?Easily!What

offers club "Leningrad" in addition to parties and dances?This institution - one of the best places in the capital for celebrations and business events, weddings, corporate events, seminars and conferences.To organize any meeting room here for a suitable format.A hall 6. They are isolated from each other.In total, they can accommodate from 250 to 400 guests.This institution offers services of organizing and holding events.Its specialists competently decorate the hall, will present to the public entertainment shows.Extensive experience in carrying out various activities, professional lighting and sound equipment, excellent cuisine with a great selection of food - are the main advantages of the club.


try to find out what attracts visitors to the club "Leningrad".In Moscow, there are many places where you can dance and relax.They are full of a variety of musical genres proposed.What distinguishes this institution?The fact that you can hear the best dance hits of the era 70-90.Making dance floors complement the feeling of unreality.Here you can experience the atmosphere of eternal holiday, loud and carefree.What else you need to take a break from the bustle of the daily grind?The program of the night club - incendiary parties under the leadership of the best DJs in Moscow, various competitions, prizes, performances of dance groups and well-known entertainers and more.

few words about

DJs are residents of club DJ Gabana Arkady and unique and charming Dj Shumova.They give to their visitors the best hits of the end of the last century.They are performed by groups such as "Hands Up", "Arrows», «Hi-Fi», «Na-Na" and many others.Any guest can order a specific song.Leading party gladly perform similar requests from visitors.One frequently ordered tracks here is a song by the group "Leningrad" "FC".

opinion rating: did not like?

The best thing about the institution to tell visitors comments, visit here.There are a lot of positive feedback in relation to the club.If we talk about the negative aspects noted by his guests, we can mention the following.For example, some visitors complain about the strict dress code at the club.However, it is rather speaks of a chosen audience of the institution.There were also those guests who complained about the too loud music.But it's a disco club, everything should be clearly and loudly!By the way, the institution of the same name exists in the Leningrad region.It also has its own club "Leningrad".Pine Forest - a town where it is located.In seeking information about the institution, it is important not to confuse about what the club in question.

positive reviews

But the positive comments in favor of the places very much.People write that well rested in this place and happy to be visited again the Moscow night club "Leningrad".What is particularly liked?A huge area of ​​the club, a unique design in the style of disco and appropriate music, allows you to move a few decades ago.Many visitors say that the bulk of the local audience - is not young people, and people who are over 35. This, too, is good news.The ability to have a good rest from the everyday hustle and bustle - a kind of art too.

For many residents and guests a favorite place of leisure has become a place called "Leningrad" (a nightclub).Moscow loves people who are able to not only work well, but the rest is great.