Positive Feedback.

In ordinary life people get and provide information to each other every day, every minute.Thus we learn the views of others about our behavior and pass on their attitude towards him.This process occurs not only in personal life but also in the workforce.

In business feedback - is the exchange of observations and opinions on the production processes.This information can be both positive and negative.The purpose of obtaining information on the work of the organization - clarifying the strengths and weaknesses of the team.Properly convey the positive feedback, together with the motivation can greatly improve employee productivity.It allows them to see their mistakes and correct them.

Feedback in business management is understood as a message coming from workers head back and forth.If you do not cause the employee interest in the work, it will work a maximum of 50% of its capacity.To cope with this problem helps motivational management.This is the way management of the organization, which is based on the stimulus as a way of governance.

Motivational management gives priority to the call to action on strict administrative control.With this approach comes the realization and the choice of ways of restructuring the influence of external pulses, the adjustment of the staff, coordination of common interests, values ​​and norms.At the heart of the changes of activity of workers is a positive feedback.

There are many different models of incentives.Every manager builds his own concept of motivational management, based on an understanding of the driving forces of activity and behavior of employees.To raise labor productivity can not only increase in wages, improved working conditions, but also by a growing self-confidence of people, their feelings of competence, satisfaction with the production process.

Positive feedback supports constructive interaction in the team.The ability to provide it - is a skill acquired.It can be developed using the following methods:

  • assessing the work of employees, not taking all the criticism.Focus on how to correct errors.Find the activities of people's strengths and use them when planning its future work.
  • giving feedback focuses on the needs of others.
  • necessary to be ready for a dialogue about the work, open for communication.Listen carefully to the interlocutor.
  • Separate fact from opinion.If you do not understand something, ask.
  • Pay attention to behaviors that can be easily changed, that has not become a habit for the individual.Change rooted style action difficult, it often leads to frustration and negative impact on productivity.
  • Wait until the employee himself asks you to comment on his work.Positive feedback works only with the joint desire of people to communicate.