How to cook boiled pork at home: in multivarka in oven

There is probably someone who would not like meat products.Even ardent vegetarians at the sight of a juicy, exuding a wonderful fragrance piece of grilled meat is almost ready to admit that their beliefs may be somewhat erroneous.Of course, we are not talking about a product that offers a supermarket and a home cooked according to the rules and culinary traditions boiled pork.Only strict adherence to the process technology and the requirements of the recipe allows you to get really high-quality output, amazingly beautiful to look at and no less delicious taste product.

We will tell you how to cook boiled pork at home, learn to choose the right meat, share three wonderful recipes and give some useful tips.

Choose meat

As a rule, most often it is a dish made from pork.But we can do no less delicious baked ham and beef.And if the family is a hunter, even from bear meat.In any case, the right choice determines the future quality of meat dishes.

piece of meat must necessarily be monolithic weighing about two to three kilograms.Ideal - meat without bones, fairly lean, but always with the presence of thin layers of fat that provide juicy dish.As a rule, these options is best ham, neck or back.Naturally, it is best to slice was fresh, not frozen after.As with meat figured out, it's time to the plate.So, how to cook boiled pork at home?Let's start with the classic recipe, however, somewhat improved.Just agree that preparing pork.

Baked ham in a sleeve

In principle, according to the traditional recipe, the meat before cooking should first pour brine where it should remain for three to five days.But this method today, when on account of the hostess, every minute, is unlikely to inspire someone.However, this does not mean that the meat is not necessary to pre-treat.To prepare a tasty boiled pork in the sleeve, it must also be marinated, but not in the brine, and using the following products:

  • carrots (1 pc.);
  • garlic (1 goal.)
  • basil;
  • curry;
  • marjoram;
  • mustard seeds;
  • black pepper;
  • vegetable oil;
  • salt.


All spices take one teaspoon of salt - a tablespoon.Prepare the marinade by mixing all 5 Art.spoons of oil.Clear the carrots and cut into thin sticks and garlic cut in half zubochki, mix.Then we do the deep incisions in the meat, nashpigovyvaem their garlic-carrot mixture, then coated with a whole piece of prepared marinade and leave for an hour in a warm place.If we talk about all the ways how to cook boiled pork at home, the option up its sleeve is the most popular.An hour later, the meat coated with marinade again, laying his sleeve, put on a baking sheet and send in a preheated oven to two hundred degrees.One and a half hours of this "bath" is more than enough for cooking.But fifteen minutes before the end of the package should be cut to the meat could browned.Serve the dish best served cold.

By and large, boiled pork cook in the oven in this way can be just three hours.For what, in fact, his mistress and love.

But how to cook boiled pork in multivarka?Is it possible?And are there any recipes?Maybe.And one embodiment, the preparation will be presented below.

Cooking in multivarka

By and large, to cook boiled pork in multivarka do not need to reinvent America.You can go to the most simple way - marinate the pork in the same recipe that was used for cooking meat in a sleeve.The question is, what is, in fact, feature?Yes, in the most wonderful pan.Rather, the proposed method of its preparation.Firstly, the process does not require the participation of the hostess.It is enough to prepare the meat and lay it in multivarku.Secondly, due to the fact that the dish can be prepared in many different ways, it is the output is surprisingly mellow, soft, and even on all sides covered with an appetizing crust.

cooking process

already marinated meat is put into the bowl Multivarki pre-greased.Enables "Baking" for fifteen minutes (thanks to him ham will be covered by a beautiful golden crust).Then translates into the "Quenching" (cooking time exhibiting a rate of one hour per kilo of meat).

By the way, there are also options for cooking pork in Aerogrill, and just in the pan.So curious kulinarka have to choose from.But we can offer another interesting recipe.Above we talked about how to cook boiled pork at home pork.But there was also promised a recipe of cooking beef.That's up to him and move on.

How to cook boiled pork beef

There have, of course, it is necessary to carefully choose the meat, keeping all conditions.Yet beef - no pork, it is more rigid, and usually getting ready for longer.But the dish is worth it to try it, because the pork from beef obtained no less juicy and tender, and the caloric content significantly inferior to pork.And it is important for those who do not mind tight and tasty to eat, but would like to keep the shape.Therefore, the meat must be sure of a young animal, and still have a thin fatty streaks, which will give the dish juicy.Marinate beef, however, it is desirable for longer.

Ingredients :

  • mixture of peppers;
  • garlic (one head);
  • bay leaf (four pcs.);
  • sugar (half tsp. L.);
  • adjika (four of Art. L.);
  • mayonnaise;
  • salt.

meat processing and cooking

piece of beef should be thoroughly washed, remove all plenochki and stems, dry with a paper towel.Garlic purify and passed through a masher, bay leaf shred all mixed together.Then add the remaining ingredients here (except mayonnaise).The resulting mixture rub the meat, and then daubed it with mayonnaise.With the latter it is better not to overdo it, enough to cover a thin layer of beef.We put the meat in a bowl and leave to marinate.Nights will be enough.

As for the cooking process, the boiled pork beef can also be cooked in multivarka and sleeve.But I think that it is best to get in the foil.Therefore, after the meat is marinated, it should be wrapped in foil, put on a baking sheet and bake in a preheated to send up to one hundred and eighty degree oven.The cooking time - two to three hours, depending on the weight of the meat.One caveat.The foil before the end of cooking to open is not recommended.Baked ham beef requires no crust.The latter is capable of making the meat tougher, but perhaps someone else does it do?


In conclusion, I would like to give, as promised, a few tips.

  • Ready meals should be checked with a toothpick.If the puncture is released from red juice, the meat still have to hold it in the oven.Pale pink is its color or light gray indicate that dinner is almost ready.
  • If you cook boiled pork in foil after cooking do not just get rid of it.Then let the meat in it for a while soaked with juice.
  • order to avoid leakage of juice before cooking can "seal" it in, pre-fry a piece of meat in a frying pan.

Here such here the secrets and recipes for pork at home.