Victor: The meaning of the name and the character of its owner

Victor - the name has Latin roots.The name means "winner."Particularly popular is found in the formative years of Christianity.Only at that time it marked the victory of light over the forces of evil and dark entities.Not less popular the name enjoyed in the 70-ies of XX century.Unfortunately, at the present time it has lost its popularity.Patron of the name is the planet Uranus, and it may serve as a talisman of selenite.

Victor: The meaning of the name and nature of child

Little Victor - it is that a child who does not bring a lot of trouble to parents.Since childhood, he grows up trusting and sympathetic boy.He loves not only all kinds of mobile games and exercises, and reading.That is why always finds how to use their free time.He prefers active games.His game attracted pirates, Indians, scouts.He loves hiking.He is too impressionable, so to deceive friends react quite painfully, but quickly forgets about it.

matured Victor: The meaning of the name

The character inherent in childhood, with time does not change.After graduation, the holder of the name of the surrounding world looks completely different eyes.He perceives reality more real, but the desire for adventurism, adventure and something new is in it until old age.Victor is considered purposeful person.With the goal, he thinks the way to it to the last detail, choosing a win-win plan.To achieve its goals, he works hard.It should be noted that quality Victor as patience.He is always eager to bring our plans to the end.This allows it to work very hard to handle with ease.But it's not all the features possessed by Victor.The value of the name, it would seem, it portends to be a leader, but he does not aspire to it.In most cases, Victor is a calm and balanced man.But there are no perfect people.The disadvantage of the holder of the name is a craving for gambling, a little less - to alcohol.The latter is due to the accumulation of problems, which he keeps to himself.That is why it is necessary to bring to a frank conversation that he spoke about their problems.He must know that he will survive all the adversities together with family and friends.

Victor - ladies man

man who rarely missed an opportunity to intrigue - it is Victor.The value of the name gives it that quality, as a collector of victories over women's hearts.Why is this happening?The owner of this name creates in his mind the image of a girl who, according to Victor, it is ideally suited.Looking created image he changes women as gloves.If someone has to imagine marrying because of the circumstances, it will not stop in their search until, until it finds an imaginary image.If he marries the woman he loves, his soul will be fully open to it.Victor will strive to fulfill any of its desire.Their children will really love and take an active part in their education.The value named Victor gives his father's qualities such as rigor and fairness.In order for the marriage was perfect, Viktor fit women with names like Zoe, Larissa, Galina, Nina, Lyudmila, Tatyana, Lydia, or Pauline.