Senna - an effective remedy for many diseases

Alexandria sheet, or as it is called differently, senna leaf, has long been used for the treatment of many human diseases.He also has another well-known name - Cassia aquifolium.

Dry extracts of senna is used as an effective laxative in habitual constipation, intestinal atony.Senna, unlike many other drugs act on the body of the patient is very soft, so when applied person usually experiences no discomfort.It does not cause too loose stool and severe pain in the gut.Senna good appetite.It is also used as a component protivogemmoraidalnogo tea.Among the positive effects of the drug on the body it should be noted the effect of senna on antitoxic liver and biliary function.

senna whose properties are determined by its chemical composition, contains a large number antraglikozidov, sterols, flavonoids, organic acids and alkaloids.In Senna contains magnesium, zinc, copper, calcium, potassium, selenium and other micro- and macronutrients.Cassia aquifolium is a perennial tropical plant (shrub, bush) of the legume family.Its height is 1 m.

Cassius has a entire, lanceolate, pointed leaves.They are short, and leathery.The leaves of the plant complex, alternate, paripinnate have up to 8 pairs of leaves.They are the raw material drug, popular in many countries worldwide.Flowering senna yellow flowers, gathered in the brush (axillary inflorescences).Flowering occurs from June to August.Fruits (small beans with a variety of seeds) ripen in late September.Homeland of the plant is considered to be the Red Sea, the Nile Valley and the Arabian Peninsula.

senna should not be taken without consulting a doctor, because he, like most traditional medicines, can cause a number of side effects.Thus, the application of dry extract Senna may experience sharp pains in the abdomen, bloating, strong rumbling.While such phenomena are observed very rarely and disappear after cessation of the funds to take senna can not be unchecked.With long-term use of it is often noted addictive drugs to the body of cassia, reducing its effectiveness.

It is a popular folk laxative available in tablets or in the form of crushed dried leaves in packs and briquettes.Tablets use 1-2 pieces.daily before meals or overnight.

Infusion of leaves is prepared from 2 tablespoons dry raw material, which is placed in an enamel bowl and a small cup of boiling water steamed.Capacity shut tight lid and heated for another half hour.Ready infusion cooled.Then it is filtered, the sheet is drained and the volume of infusion was adjusted again to 250 ml of warm boiled water.The finished vehicle is stored in a cool up to 2 days.Normally, such an infusion taken in the morning and before going to bed in 1/3 or 1/2 cup.